Diablo III may cannibalize WoW before Titan

Blizzards Frank Pearce has admitted that World of Warcraft could be cannibalized before the release of the company’s next MMO Titan by its game Diablo III.

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chak_2797d ago

Well, I guess he knows more than I, but still, a single/multiplayer H&S game cannibalizing an MMO?

I mean wow has crafting, instances, raids, PVP, mounts, auction (and I could go on for a while)

Sure diablo could have that, but the social aspect of an MMO is huge, I'm not that sure an HnS could take on that social aspect.

Paladz2797d ago

It depends on Diablo III's multiplayer. I've heard that D3 receives Crafting and Enchanting and a revamp of how talent trees are build. Personally I will hit D3 as soon as it's released and never play WoW again. I simply cannot stand the current raid design.

I mean, the boss fights are fine but how you complete a raid instance is rather dull. Clear a short walk, turn right into a chamber and there is the boss. Patroling bosses are fun, engaging them with trash packs are fun. I yawn when I do trash because it's so boring and easy, make something nifty about it instead of a tank & spank one minute encounter that leads up to a bossfight.

Archeology is the worst profession that ever hit World of Warcraft. It's boring, interaction is null and the rewards are easily replaceable by raiding normal modes which are easy and constantly being nerfed.

The leveling phase is the best of any World of Warcraft game this far. Blizzard made a marvelous job on this, it was light and simplistic, you followed a quest line leading seeing how the world changed and lead you to your enemies in raids.

I expected something major this expansion and received very little. Overall, the expansion this far is great lengths ahead of WotLK in terms of quality and enjoyable content. Why didn't we get something out of the ordinary? For example, Shaman tanks? Flying Mount Combat? or World Events? There are no interaction from the environment, except from Deathwing who occasionally flies over Azeroth. One exception is the desert storm in Uldum, I like this, why couldn't every zone bring something nature controlled into the picture and give us some difference from the plain lands.

Hopefully Diablo III can spark some innovative content into the gaming scene, it's so dull at this point.

Spinal2797d ago

Diablo 3 is certainly gonna make my WoW account a ghost town for a long While!

I can't wait for Diablo 3 as I said before Im certain it will be game of the year no matter what year its released lol. For me anyway :)

This and Guild Wars 2 would make me complete.

SJPFTW2797d ago

make WOW free 2 play then...

2797d ago