Electronic Arts eliminates the instruction book paper

Confirmed on the virtual pages of the web portal from Kotaku spokesman for Electronic Arts Rob Semsey the company's intention to phase out the instruction booklet printed in their games to replace it with a digital version included directly into the game disc

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FishCake9T42705d ago

I will miss you old buddy.

xlockingupthesunx2705d ago

Ah man, the old days of reading the instruction booklet on the way home as a kid, in anticipation of playing a game for the first time.

Siesser2705d ago

Either print them in color, or get rid of them.

Pedobear Rocks2705d ago I expect a decrease in MSRP.


WithMyLastBreath2705d ago

I hate when companies spew bullshit, like very obvious bs. They are doing this for the environment? Probably just for their bottom-line, unfortunately. I love reading manuals to this day. It is just going to be so weird to have just a game disc in the case. What's next? Putting the games in blank jewel cases with cover inserts in-game too?

Pedobear Rocks2705d ago

Manuals as a premium in the CE?

Paladz2705d ago

When I was a kid I read the instruction book as an excitement to play the game.

Now, I couldn't care less. I figure out the controls in the first 10-20 minutes of playing. There is no need for this.

WithMyLastBreath2702d ago

It was never to figure out the controls though. It was to get into the story and build the anticipation of playing the game. There was nothing like reading a manual and learning the characters and having glimpses in their back story on the drive back home. Then running from the car and diving feet away from the tv and starting the game. Oh well I suppose, in this very instance (Ea sports titles) not a big deal, but I would have it everyone followed suite.

Paladz2698d ago

I'm not a RP-dude, so I couldn't care less of the character stories, it's unimportant to anyone else than RP'ers :D

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The story is too old to be commented.