CVG: Crysis 2 Is The Best Looking Gaming On Console

In a leak cover of Xbox360 version of Crysis2 there is a statement where CVG claimed that Crysis 2 is "THE BEST LOOKING GAME ON CONSOLE"

And From the upcoming review they even stated that this game is looks so much better den uncharted 2, gears of war 2, killzone 3 and god of war 3 even though it is not exclusive.

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Shanks2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

The hell? I've played both versions and they both kinda suck.

They're both sub-hd.
Both have low quality textures.
Both have magically appearing textures.
Both have bad AA.
Both have low draw distance.
And both of them have Pop-ins all over the place.

IMO, Killzone 3 is superior in almost every way.

HD game.
Better textures.
Better draw distance
No pop-ins.
Amazing AA.

The only thing Crysis 2 has over Killzone 3 is lighting.
Real-Time Global Illumination looks freakin amazing, but lighting alone cant save a game.

movements2824d ago

Sounds like CVG's trying to help their friends Crytek just before its game, Crysis 2 goes on sale.

Killzone 3 looks better... Unhcarted 2 looks better....What are they talking about....

zootang2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

It's says on console, not consoles. So yeah, they are probably right it is the best looking game on the 360. KZ3/God of War 3 best looking games on consoles.

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StifflerK2824d ago

Best wait till the game gets released so we can make up our own minds.
It does look good though.

Tbh Killzone 3 looks better then Uncharted 2 - mainly because the best looking parts of UC2 - all those scenes with the amazing facial detail - are video i.e. not in game graphics. KZ3 cutscenes are all in game graphics.

KZ3 > UC2 , and Crysis 2 looks to be on par with KZ3.

Active Reload2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Even if every website and magazine says Crysis 2 is the best looking console game, the people in denial will continue to be in denial...

Edit: Wow, I just clicked the link. They actually put that on the box art. I wonder if Sony will let them do that for the PS3 version... C

Crysis' tech surpasses art it seems

Masterchef20072824d ago

I agree it is the best looking game on the 360 it even looks better than Gears 3. And the reason why i say that is because the engine in gears is quite old. So it is normal that a brandnew engine by Crytek can look better than the UE3.

Clarence2824d ago

They should have said best looking game on the 360.

malandra2824d ago

Killzone 2 and 3 look better but someone can argue that Crysis 2 has more colors or more variety or stuff like that

but no one in their right mind can say that this game looks better than Uncharted 2

DatNJDom812824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Sigh, these people never learn. No Crysis 2 on consoles doesn't look better than Killzone 3. On pc however....... Anyway how many times has a multiplat been compared to a Sony exclusive only to get shitted on. Here we go again.

There isn't half as much going on onscreen as there is on Killzone. Killzone maintains the gfx and action while there's building crumbling, the stage moving, intelligent AI. But please don't take my word for it, go ahead and play both. You will see how empty Crysis 2 is after playing Killzone 3.

All 360 fangirls, sit on a bag of ice if it hurts so much.

RBlaze2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )


Are you an idiot?! Killzone 3 is a beautiful game, there is no denying that. It's visuals are stunning throughout. But your argument is floored... There isn't a lot less going on in Crysis if you think about it. A lot of the extra stuff that goes on in KZ is in the background (ie, non- interactive). That's how the game has such a intense feel to it, because it makes you feel like you're there... And that's not saying that there isn't a lot going on in the gaming area (because there is... it's runnning loads of stuff). Crysis has less background stuff, but a lot going on in the interactive 'zone' (atleast a comparable amount with KZ). You are comparing two different things!

Again, KZ3 is a stunning game, but to suggest that "There isn't half as much going on onscreen as there is on Killzone" is a broken argument. Just stop being a fanboy and atleast try to accept that there are other games around.

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Zir02824d ago ShowReplies(4)
byeGollum2824d ago

@shanks your analysis is based on demo code. You talk as if you know what you are talking about, makes me lol

jony_dols2824d ago

Both the 360 & PS3 versions have been leaked on the net for the past few days.

He's both a pirate and an idiot.
Why someone would waste their time downloading two marginally different versions of the exact same game is beyond me.

Andreas-Sword2824d ago

Crysis 2 is the best looking game on console 2011 and 2012 !!

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vandal GAB2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Killzone 3 has texture and geometry pop-ins open you f#cking eyes! It's also very linear has some very low-res textures and suffers from jaggies and frame rate hiccups. It's far from perfect.

Crysis 2 is far better looking and it's Cryteks FIRST console outing with Cryengine 3! er

Spoiler warning!

starchild2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

We'll see. I don't think it is wise to come to any conclusion one way or the other. We'll all be able to play it very soon. But if CVG has played it and I haven't who am I to say they are wrong at this point?

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ismejks2824d ago

maybe is demo fault lolz, but i really looking forward how it beat uncharted 2

SuperLupe2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

You guys would call a PS3 only site an undercover 360 fansite if they said something even remotely not ultra pro PS3.

Just saying.

tucky2824d ago

100% agree.

Killzone 3 does not come even close graphically.


Probably difficult to accept for PS3 fanboys ... but it's time to accept the reality. LOL

jony_dols2824d ago

My roommate has a pirated copy of the 360 version of Crysis (I get to reap the benefits of his illegal ways by playing pre release games), and from 1st hand experience, it is by far the best looking 360 game around.

It does however not match the graphical quality of the Big Three (U2,GOW3 &KZ3) on PS3, mainly due to the frequent pop-in and the inconsistent framerate.

Aussiegamer2824d ago

What you yelling for bro?

What tucky needs to yell to get a little lucky?! lol

Pintheshadows2824d ago

Again more fanboy BS. KZ3 clearly comes close otherwise no one would be having this conversation. Bellend.

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