Why the PSP Go will see the NGP to success | Digitally Downloaded

Sony's NGP is a controversial device, with opinions very divided on whether it can succeed in a world that will no doubt be dominated by the Nintendo 3DS, and faces increasing competition from the likes of the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

As a gaming device, the NGP will be the most powerful of the lot, and dual analogue sticks will appeal to FPSer fans like nothing else. But the real reason the NGP will find a substantial niche in the market is ironically, the PSP Go.

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supremacy2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Pspgo is a great device, had it not been for a lack of games and a hefty price tag it would had fare better.

Sony needs to make all the umd based games digital, so that both the pspgo and NGP can benifit from.

christoph2032826d ago

if i can log in on the NGP with my psn account and play games ive got like minis and ps1 classic on that device i think that's a huge advantage for sony. or if i play some more powerfull games on it like flower. that would be win, I dont think 3DS could compete with that libary tbh