Fanboys: Can't live with them. Can't live without them

NZGamer - In conclusion, fanboys are really a double sided coin. On one half, you get fanboys clashing with each other, clogging up forums unnecessarily or adding a lot of negativity to the community. However, on the other side of the coin, they can be just what you need to get you immersed into a new experience, a new world and a new side of gaming, while sharing that with fellow gamers. So fanboys then. Good? Bad? You decide. I can't live with them, yet somehow I can't quite live without them.

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zootang2560d ago

They are helpful only when they present facts. Also they shouldn't die with a brand.

I went from being a NES fanboy to a Mega Drive fanboy to a Snes fanboy then to a PS1 fanboy to a N64 fanboy, Then to a Dreamcast fanboy, to a PS2 fanboy and then to a Xbox fanboy and carried it on to the 360 then a PS3 fanboy and I'm about to build a gaming PC so we will see.

Pandamobile2560d ago

"They are helpful only when they present facts."

Except that 99% of what fanboys spout is complete bullshit.

zootang2560d ago


That's where we are getting confused. Are they not trolls?

Masterchef20072560d ago

WoW you sure have hung out with a lot of fanboys in the past. You were a sheep, cow, hermit, hedgehog, weenie, Lemming you really have been all over the place. Now thats a lot to be proud of at least you can say that your a fan of all platforms.

Masterchef20072560d ago

Sometimes they are fun and sometimes they are annoying. Like Pandamobile for example hes fun. And Omega who was banned a while back he was annoying as heck.