Uncharted Impresses IGN

IGN share their soul-reaching preview to this highly anticipated title with every paragraph is ensured to raise your interest in this even further. Uncharted is rapidly unravelling to being one of the most technically impressive and enjoyable games to be released on any platform this year; if you're thinking of purchasing a PlayStation 3 now because of the drop cut, then this will probably be top of your Must Buy's.

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skynidas4003d ago

every time i see this game it gets better

Meus Renaissance4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

It looks beautiful. I'll stick my neck out and say this looks like it'll be a contender for Game Of The Year. Here are my candidates

Mass Effect?

EZCheez4003d ago

We all know which game will get GOTY from most places, whether it rightfully deserves it or not.

However, it is very possible that this could be the PS3 game of the year. I'm still rooting for Haze to come out of nowhere and show people how to be original with multiplayer. Did you see that new video on PS Store? I can't wait to fight as a rebel!

Of course UT3 could make it out this year and blow everyone away. I will be watching the rating of the PC version closely, considering both versions should be somewhat similar.

Anyway, yes Uncharted will be amazing,and I can't think of a person with a PS3 who doesn't want this game.

skynidas4003d ago

the part of the medals seems fantastic

Kotaku4003d ago

The game got potential and im sure it will deliver.

riqued4003d ago

Don't know what to say...

Just awesome, I am buying this!! GOTY!

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The story is too old to be commented.