Atomic Gamer - Uncharted 3 Preview

Atomic Gamer - This 3D demo was played multiple times for anyone who wanted another look (and who wouldn't?) and each playing revealed new ways that 3D technology is perfect for Uncharted. Granted, the 3D takes some getting used to, and it's possible some players will even find it nausea-inducing. Nevertheless, if you can give yourself time to adjust to it, Uncharted 3 promises to reward you handsomely. Here's to another spectacular chapter in the Uncharted series and more importantly, here's to hoping Naughty Dog allows us some hands-on time with the game at this year's E3.

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stonecold32801d ago

the best game this year i cant wait for uncharted 3 man

Sitris2801d ago

This game, and heaps of others that are all available on Ps3.
Batman: AC
Battlefield 3
Resistance (maybe, at this time it is looking great)
Next CoD (again all depends to whether it has a new engine)
Uncharted 3

Well to me, they are all going to be big contenders to GOTY.