Study says war video games are unrealistic, not violent enough

According to a new study by an Arizona State University doctoral candidate published in the National Communication Association's Communication Currents journal, video games aren't accurate representations of combat or the wars they depict. "The way you play in these games is pride without problems - you don't feel remorse, there's no blood, nothing about how you should perform," said Aaron Hess, a communications doctoral candidate who authored the study. Hess claims that many games don't take into account the history of events because they play off a memory of the past. They do not provide information on how history came to that point. They don't show the events and decisions leading up to what happens in the game, he said.

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Maddens Raiders4090d ago

Not many snotty nose kids want a history lesson to pull them or engross them in the action. They just want to pick up the sticks and pull the trigger and scream bloody explitives. It's the parents' job to make sure the kid is studying history before he/she plays games. =]

BLUR1114090d ago

yea they aint , gears of war was brutal but thats war with locust so ofcourse that game was brutal

risk4090d ago

i dont think were there yet, the video game critics are childish morons, if this kind of realism was implimented...they would have a field day and get the game banned for excessive violence (guts spewing out, bodies bloating up, and turning yellow after death..REALISTIC BLOOD etc etc)

Wolfmoonstrike4090d ago

thats exactly why I laughed when I read the title, see you got people now going games are too violent imagine if the made it realistic. man people like jack thompson would have a field day.

jack who4090d ago

lets not 4get its just a "video games" and not violent enough wtf

Chris_GTR14090d ago

completely true. maybe if R* made a ww2 game we'd be able to cut soldiers heads off and throw them.

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The story is too old to be commented.