PS3 has 24 games that run natively at 1080p against just 2 on X360

NOTE :- Ridge Racer 7 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3 run at full HD @1080p @60 FPS . No x360 title runs at 1080p @ 60 FPS .

List of ps3 games which run natively at 1080p :-

All Pro Football 2K7

[ps] Blast Factor

[ps] Calling All Cars
College Hoops 2K7

The Darkness

Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer
[ps] flOw
Full Auto 2 Battlines

Harry Potter
[ps] High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition

[ps] LocoRoco Cocoreccho!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance
MLB The Show

NBA '07
Ninja Gaiden
Pirates of the Carribean
[ps] Pixeljunk Racers
[ps] Piyotama
Street Home Court
[ps] Super Stardust HD
Transformers The Movie
[ps] Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Virtua Tennis 3

List of X360 games which run natively at 1080p (LINK added in the ALTERNATIVE section)

Street Home Court
Virtual Tennis 3

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Jdash244087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

wow this article has flame written all over it

Edit @below: i know its the truth im just saying its going to start a flamewar

nasim4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

PS3 is the only console where a game runs natively at 1080p @ 60 FPS (natively)

x360 can never run a game at 1080p at 60 FPS


the prices of BRAVIA would be slashed by 50% this FALL,2007

so expect more HD penetration. There is no harm in revealing truth even if it makes x360 look much inferior

THe x360 is not inferior but 1/10 as powerful as PS3.

Nothing changes the FACTS. It is a low powered console and we all know that.

1080p @ 60 FPS is only possible on the ps3.

ps3 is full future proof and can run 2160p too.

the CELL =50x XENON

ReBurn4087d ago

It doesn't make the 360 look inferior, no matter how much you want it to. The PS3 is great hardware. But the lack of 1080p games are not a reflection on the hardware, it is a reflection on the developers.

Just give it up nasim. Your one post per article isn't going to kill the 360. It's a good system with great games. If you don't like it then fine. Just let it go already.

Mu5afir4087d ago

There are hardware limitations that limit some games from archiving 1080p. Halo 3 for example has HDR lighing and 2xMSAA, it can't run at 1080p, because of the bandwidth limitations.

snoop_dizzle4087d ago

"ps3 is full future proof and can run 2160p too."

where has anyone said that? i never knew that if its true. Please elaborate.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4087d ago

Come on, lets be honest. Most of those games suck or are just medicre. Frankly, I would rather play Mario Kart 64 on an SDTV than most of those games in 1080p.

1080p is nice but gameplay and fun factor rule.

Twilightx74087d ago

Seriously, where the hell do you get off inflating these "facts" you constantly report on this site? After doing thorough research based on these claims, I find that your report of the Cell being 50x more powerful than Xenon to be GREATLY exaggerated, as it is on average only 10x more powerful than a Xenon processor, or 4-5x more powerful than a standard Quad Core processor. GG on that one.

Secondly, your claim that PS3 can run at 2160p ALMOST holds up, as it's not entirely true. One, as of this moment, the PS3 cannot run 2160p. It would require a software update, which would in turn consume much more processing power (a waste at such a high resolution) and lessen the overall quality of games that, at the moment, STILL HAVE TROUBLE RUNNING A 60 FPS. On top of that, the ONLY 2160p sets that have even been revealed are the Quad HD sets, which, as the manufacturer of these sets has revealed, are specifically targeted as high end industrial applications. Translation for a Sony droid such as yourself - nobody will own these TV's, and if they do, they certainly aren't going to play a PS3 on them.

Future proof only goes so far. When 2016 rolls around, and PS3 is hitting it's 10th birthday, people might have these 2160p sets. But as all console business models have shown, every system out there, PS3 included, will be on at least it's 4th or 5th iteration. People like you will have already purchased a PS4, and will be preaching it's amazing Godlike powers to all the world, while still being ridiculed for having Sony tunnel vision after all these years.

And your comments here are a freaking joke. Stop posting, most of us have to click "show comment" to even see your drivel.

Icecold334087d ago

Here is what's frightening about this Naism guy. It appears that he posts a comment on almost every single PS3 AND 360 related article on this site. In order to do that you would almost have to site at your computer (NOT YOUR PS3) all day long every frickin day.

Then while at his computer his sits there and finds all of this irrelavant bullsh!t that no cares about. It's as if he is sitting in the dark beating off over the attention that he is getting. I'm normally an easy going easy to get along with guy. Buy, this dude is like going on a date with a frickin chickenhead that won't STFU; and all she talks about is her X boyfriend that left her for another man!

If you can picture that scenario, imagine how badly you would want to slap the sh!t out of her and say "STFU BIOTCH".

Anyway, if NASIM was in the military he'd be the best weapons on the battle field, because after you kill him ten times over, he will still talk 25 more percent of the enemy forces to death and that's after being buried for 1 year.

Damnit NAISM PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TAKE A DAY OFF so that we all can enjoy this site for at least 2 hours without your PSYCO FANBOY BULLSH!T. MY GOODNESS!

And for those of you allowing him to do you dirty work by clicking agree on sh!t he type that you know is BS, you just making it worst. I mean, can we raise the class level just a little bit. Have anyone noticed that most of the best poster on this site rarely post anymore, it because this place is becoming to where finding a descent non-fanboy read is like growing lettuce in the desert.

barom4087d ago

Some of those PS3 titles are multi platforms. If X360 could put them out at 1080p there would be nothing in the world that would stop dev from working on it. X360 has been out a year earlier and it's a lot easier to develop for, this means it wouldn't take much effort to put it out on 1080p if the dev's really wanted and had the possibility too.

NBA 2k7, Harry Potter, Fantastic Four and Marvel Ultimate Alliance to name a few of those multi platform titles. X360 is inferior at least on this aspect. Respect it!

Snukadaman4087d ago

I also belive he has multiple accounts here and even approves his own news storys because besides maddens_raiders i dont see no one as militant as those 2 idiots....even some ps3 owners cant take most of his horsesheit making all ps3 owners look like radical morons. I hope the rumors of moderators are true because this place has become a virtual den for really fugged up information and nonsense.

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ReBurn4087d ago

This is so NOT interesting. Most people don't have TV's that can support native 1080p, so the PS3 probably has to downscale more than the 360 has to upscale.

Nice attempt at flamebait. Looks like the minions are going to eat it up.

tatical4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

I'm using a widescreen 22 inch for both my 360 & PS3. But I'm in the market for a 40-42 inch 1080p (I can only afford one TV so I'm not wasting my time on 1080i) HDTV at the moment. These things are nice to know.

Jinxstar4087d ago

I have a 56 inch 1080p DLP and surround sound with all 3 consoles... On firefighter salary.

Armyless4087d ago

If you settle for less what do you get?

rsebes4087d ago

Sony 60" SXRD 1080p.
Thank you.

MikeGdaGod4087d ago

42' 1080p plasma Panasonic

i know i shouldn't get plasma but it was on sale last Thanksgiving for $700 at BestBuy.

can't beat that

hfaze4087d ago

37" 1080p LCD owner here...

barom4087d ago

The future is 1080p dude. How long do you really think 720p gonna last?

Bordel_19004087d ago

Sony BRAVIA 40X2000 1080p LCD here

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soccerstar4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

ok..... so the point of this story is what?

soccerstar4087d ago


Ri0tSquad4087d ago

Don't let me remind you what game runs at 640p.

Odion4087d ago

I think the more important thing is that there are more Xbox 360 games above an 80% then the PS3 or the Wii, and thats ratio to

tatical4087d ago

Its only logical you know, with the PS3 & Wii being available for less than a year.