Assassin's Creed "Flowerbox" Trailer

New trailer talking about the freedom and choices gamers can make in Assassin's Creed. Also the developers talk about how large Assassin's Creed will be expanding over 3 cities and the ability to climb and interact with almost everything.

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Azailex Sorrow3762d ago

for some reason everytime i see more of this game, i start to fade from liking it... and wanting it..

dirtrider3762d ago

i kinda agree with you sorrow, but i think its still goin to be sweet over all.

Arkham3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

The lack of new footage/info on this since the disastrous E3 showing hasn't done much for my interest either.

The developers came across as bumbling juniors. The crappy demo code certainly didn't help either.

I hope we'll be pleasantly surprised, but I wonder if we'll see this one in '08, if ever.

Severely meh'd on this one. Hopefully they'll excise half of the assiness from the game and just release this as "Assin", but even that option sounds bad.

Bolts3762d ago

Who is this French sissy boy? This game is suddenly a lot less impressive without Jade flirting her way through the interview. Note to UBI Soft, all press materials should include Jade and keep this French dude in the closet where he belongs.

marc 19753762d ago

looks ok does any1 know when a demo is comin out

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