PS3 40gig version 100% compatible with PS1 games

This is to dispel some confusion among potential consumers mind. Although the 40 gig PS3 isnt backwards compatible with ps2 games (AT THE MOMENT) it can fully emulate all PS1 games.

However look forward to firmwire updates which would make software emulation of PS2 games possible on PS3.

This is what BIZ DAILY is reporting :-

"GameDaily BIZ also contacted SCEE spokesman Nick Sharples who told us, "We have made clear on many occasions that our priority is on developing innovative new features and services for PS3 and not on backwards compatibility. The 40GB model no longer contains any elements of the PS2 chip set which powered backwards compatibility in previous models, and is therefore only compatible with PS one titles."

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nasim3638d ago

That the 60gig PS3 bundle with 2 games just cost 350 pounds in UK vs 299 pounds for the 40 gig version (geared only at those who want just the next gen gaming ).

It is a great decision from SONY since 120 million people already have a ps2 and wont be buying ps3 for ps2 games.

HOWEVER a CELL can fully emulate MAC OS at 60fps so emulation of PS2 games in the future by CELL is very much possible.

BUT do you honestly want to play ps2 games after playing ultrarealistic HS and UNCHARTED


XBOTS please stay off this topic . We dont want ur opionion ---ur console is sheer garbage and contains no NEXT GEN BD PLAYER,NO WIFI and NO HDMI 1.3

and not to forget x360 has 100% defective rate

with this PRICE EUROPE has now fallen to ps3 domination. NA and JAPAN to go


Dannagar3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

We'll Nasim, your system has no games and no user base. Well Microsoft ads more features to Xbox 360, Sony keeps taking away features. This 40 gig system is a desperate act by Sony to try and save their dying system.

Well, if you get RROD, you send back the system and get a new one from Microsoft, then your 3 year warranty starts all over again . Apparently there are a lot of working Xbox 360 systems out there because the software keeps selling and selling. So how was that Madden on PS3? What was that... 30 FPS.

Maddens Raiders3638d ago

-- "your system has no games and no user base" --

I know it's really popular these days especially with people that get RRoD a lot but you should stay clear of Meth. I hear it clouds your mind, causes your teeth and hair to fall out and causes people to say really stupid fuct up things that they would not otherwise say if they had just *thought, before they opened their piehole.

Get a Life.

Nuch Vader3638d ago

In Japan, the Playtation 3 lags light years behind the DS, Wii and even their own PSP. In North America, it past way to Xbox 360. Master Chief pop PS3 a good one right between the Eyes. It's Dead. In Europe, it sold 55% of it systems the first week. No one wants it any more. It's just a dead system. I'm sorry you were stupid enough to buy a Playstation 3 Nasim. And I'm sorry you were born a retard. I know it hurts. Move on.

Primetimebt3638d ago

As for Japan, how long you think the Wii can hold over the world #1 RPG game country? In North American an estimate 50K XBOX break a day how long until those owner say enough is enough? In europe (well the U.K.) sales were pretty much even but with a sony price cut this could easily take away U.K. from XBOX and put Sony in control of Europe.

MANTIIS3638d ago

Apart from noticing the sheer stupidity some ppl say in their post regarding this topic, those who actually read the article would take note that they are referring to the ps2 chipset to be missing only, like the 80 GB. The firmware for the 40GB will probably not allow the system to emulate PS2 games either, but if there is demand for it noticed by Sony, backwards compatibility can easily be emulated through firmware updates in the future. Now, I wish to be amused by what some jackass will say to that.

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INehalemEXI3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

This PS3 sku seems aimed right at PS2 owners. Whom havnt already snatched up a ps3. They would probably have liked there to be some ps2 BC though. So maybe its just for folks who wont spend 500+ on a console.

Good to see ps3s price dropping in time for the holidays.

GoLeafsGo3638d ago

Software emulation should take care of PS2 games.
Hopefully, Sony won't go back on their word with that.

Arkham3638d ago

The immediate problem is software emulation of the GS+EDRAM. The bandwidth was so high that current opinion says it's not (yet) possible.

Whether or not they can surmount this in the future is unknown. If it is possible, it won't be made known until at least after the holiday season.

As the 80GB model stimulated demand for the 60GB SKU, I have a feeling this 40GB model is likewise stimulating demand for the 60GB and 80GB SKUs for the holiday season. At the same time there's now an affordable hi-def, forward-only SKU.

It makes a lot of sense. Whether or not it pays off...well... Dunno. I have my launch unit, and I'm seriously not concerned. ;)

Ju3637d ago

It would be interesting to know, if Sony said good bye for good to the BC or if they are still working on a SW only solution. If successful, this could at least lead to a hi def rendering of PS2 games, instead of just upscaling. So, eventually, it won't even be a disadvantage. IF they'd do it, though. (However, testing a SW only emu is much more of an effort - you gotta play 2000+ games in their entirety to test the emu).

pwnsause3638d ago

well, its pretty obvious that the 40gb version will be able to play PS2 games in the future. I guess they're creating a PS2 Emulator for the PS3

TheFatOne3638d ago

The 40gb PS3 would actually be better for me because I have 3 times as many PS1 games than Ps2 games like Parapa The Rapper, FF7-9, Legend of Dragoon, and my list goes on and on.

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