No Collectors Edition for LA Noire - Rockstar confirms

Rockstar has officially confirmed that the police game, LA Noire will not be entitled to a Collector's Edition, when it launches in May.

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Blazee2621d ago

Noooo! I had high expectations about this...

ATiElite2621d ago

No collectors edition? WTF!

I was so ready to pay an extra $100 for a L.A. Noire lunch box with matching thermos.

LusoGamer2621d ago

Always the same... Red Dead Redemption hadn't a Collector's Edition, too. :(

danielle0072621d ago

Well, they had the pre-order edition where you got extra outfits and some accessories that actually help out in the game, which was pretty nifty.

VladimirK2621d ago

The UK got a collector's edition.

By collector's edition they meant, you pay an extra £10 and get a shiny slip-cover and the War Horse, golden guns and an outfit.

trainsinrdr2621d ago

so what its a game not a book

LusoGamer2621d ago

Well, the game it's already special... xD

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The story is too old to be commented.