Lamest Videogame Endings Of All Time

With all this talk lately of how poor of an ending blockbuster titles like Halo 3 provide, people seem to have forgotten (or are too young to remember) the days when a game ending could be nothing more than a couple cryptic sentences and some synthesized 8-bit chirps, enjoy!

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Lex Luthor3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

This is without doubt the $hittest ending ever to grace a game EVER.

PikkonX3488d ago

That was hilarious. I wanted that game badly for Christmas back in the day and never got it.

Bolts3488d ago

What the...noooooooo!!! Not Sonya!!!

Douchebaggery3488d ago

there once was a time when i would have paid to see some of those endings

DemiseofPandas3488d ago

Haha this is hilarious. If you want a great ending to a game check out McDonald's Treasure Island Adventure for Genesis, a classic for the ages.

ngg123453488d ago

That game must be shown on this list at once.

WilliamRLBaker3488d ago

not only are all the endings he thinks lame lame because they are short...ect and not based upon inaneness and stupdity, they are all games from the 8bit or later period! one game is bubble bobble! what the hell that game was an 8bit platformer it didn't even have a real story.

If he had actually created a list of lame endings based upon their quality then that would be fine, But he basically based them on a stupid scale, which makes no sense.

most 8bit games had no real storyline, Thats like saying galaga's ending sucked.

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