First Brother in Arms: Hell's Highway Achievement unlocked

x360a have just received word that the first achievement has been unlocked in Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway.

Allison "ennui" Berryman has revealed the following:

The Hell's Highway team has already implemented almost half of the achievements in the game, and selected one that would be simple to test to ensure that unlocks were working properly. As many of you have seen in the various videos for Hell's Highway, sometimes when a really interesting action sequence happens (like a good grenade throw), the camera zooms in and slows down to give you a better look at the event. The first time you get a headshot in Hell's Highway, this action camera sequence happens, and you unlock an achievement - since this is fairly easy to test, it was chosen to be the first achievement unlocked in Hell's Highway. I got a photo of it for you guys when Chris loaded up a test map (not a map in the final game, just a testing ground) for us and unlocked the achievement!

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ben hates you4090d ago

my xbox 360 is hungry for this game, i wish it would come out sooner

jcgamer4090d ago

this game is drop dead GORGEOUS...hopefully it will get on more people's radar...

Mikey_Gee4089d ago

... throw my name in this as well. I can't wait for this game. I am a bit tired of the WW style FPS games, but I think this may re-spark the wants.