Hirai continues to champion Blu-Ray, forgets that quality isn't everything

"Consumers have lost respect for Sony because Sony has lost respect for its audience. If their public announcements are any clue, Sony envisions us as a technology-hungry audience willing to plop down all our savings for the newest, best thing. Sometimes, this does work. But the factor of price is a big thing to all consumers, whether the system is amazing or not. By taking themselves too seriously and making one vain choice after another, they have lost much of the fanbase they gained with the PS2, myself included."

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Retro-Virus4085d ago

"Consumers have lost respect for Sony because Sony has lost respect for its audience"

I stopped reading right there,....ahem, when a company can release a product with 33% failure rate in pretty much everything they make and have no remorse for it whatsoever, that's a company I would lose respect for.

Quality is in the build and that's the most important thing for me, the games are coming. The console is f$u&ckin 10 months old.

Bloodmask4085d ago

but took the time to report it. Just bc "you" don't like it.

Retro-Virus4085d ago

@ above,

And you report it because "you" like the article, what's different here? and it suits your side.

Hypocracy @ it's finest.

WilliamRLBaker4085d ago

yes he's a hypocrite and your not right?

*laughs hard* Lets see the ps1 had a near 50% failure rate in one year because of faulty lasers, that system literally invented its own trend.
(turn the system on its side to get it to work)

Ps2 created the DRE Term because of all the problem launch units had, and not only that 2 years after launch nearly 100,000 ps2s we're returned because of faulty lasers.

Bloodmask is right you stopped reading because it doesn't benefit your side and you report it for the same reason, Destructoid is a trusted site used all the time here.

Snukadaman4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

but too cry hypocrisy when you see nasim post idiotic posts and dont complain also shows your bias...I have too agree with the article also no matter how opinionated it seems, sony has lost consumers respect, and recent console sales show that.

"The console is f$u&ckin 10 months old."
yes retro...and with price drops so quick in its console life...does that tell you that sony screwed up on their initial 600$ price for the ps3 or do you think sony is doing it because they love the consumer?

kreetah4085d ago

It was a pro Wii article with major Sony bashing and nothing negative about the 360. Where was the critisim of the RROD and the BILLIONS M$ has spent? Guess Nintendo can only laugh at Sony loosing $$ eh?

Then we should start a list of all those fun family 360 titles - LOL

deifen4085d ago

you're right......Sony, the international, multi billion dollar giant, with one of the biggest brand names in electronics is loosing the consumers respect.....just look at the ps3 sales! oh, the ps3 and blue ray are going to be the end of sony!!!


Hatchetforce4085d ago

Somebody get Baker out of a coma. Quit living in the past. This is Fall of 2007. Welcome to the now dummy. MS has slapped customers with their crashbox for 2 years.

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Bloodmask4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Destructoid is an official web blog and this is posted as an article not news. People report stories just bc they don't like them. How can Destructoid's "views" on what kaz said be a duplicate of Kaz Hirai's interview?? This website is "News for Gamers" not "News by Gamers"....Stop censoring things just bc they don't support your agenda.

This story has multiple reports over BS. 3 from "King of PS3" And to top it all off Sony fanboys leave me negative feedback on my submission.

Negatitive Feedback: Feeback is given over the "Quality" of the submission. IE enough text, picture, editing...etc. NOT "The content" of the article.-----(Not if "you" like the article or not.) Sony fanboys deliberately try to lower people's CRanks just bc they know they prefer 360.

Kokoro4085d ago

it was already the same thing as of earlier. Now upon looking closer, it's not the same thing. I approve of any story as long as it has proof. Whether it be positive or negative of Sony and Microsoft

cooke154085d ago

Its ok to have an anti sony article once in a while on this pro sony site. ;)

Greysturm4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

If i am not mistaken not too long ago there was a problem submiting halow reviews that were not triple A but wait its probably part of the sony gestapo conspiracy to make microsoft stellar game look good so that they can trash it right?

I love the hipocrisy of some members of the site, when there is nothing but bad sony news they dont complain about anything on the site, the minute sony gets good news the site is biased and the sony gestapo is running it. Next time a bad article coming from a blog whose link has alreadyt been used the day prior comes about the xbox i am gonna use the xbox kgb as the source of bias for this site.

Bloodmask4085d ago

Fake: (12 minutes ago)
Reported by: Bigmac573

Spam: (12 minutes ago)
Reported by: Bigmac573

Lame: (12 minutes ago)
Reported by: Bigmac573

There is nothing wrong with a "destructoid official Post" being posted as an article. The only hypocracy is in these reports.

How is this fake or Spam??

Mu5afir4085d ago

This is a BLOG, it's an opinion piece and isn't a great one either. But hey you got the hits you wanted. I suggest people just ignore the post if they aren't interested in it.

SofaKingReetodded4085d ago

would write "quality is not all that matters" guess what you morons, IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

go suck on some red rings

halo3betasnatch out4085d ago

no... it's not i don't understand all this fanboyism and favoring and protection of the side they like you people are like children, microsoft and sony and both peice of $hit money whores, most big companies are, who really gives a $hit just play your games and let everyone else play theirs. I still can't even begin to comprehend what the hell is up with all this $hit people are trowing around.
/end rant.

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