Hyperdimension Neptunia Review (PS3) -

"But what's this? It's a turn-based RPG developed by GUST and released in the States by NIS America? What can be wrong with that? In a nutshell, a lot." - Kevin Schaller

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Stunt2436d ago

I own the game but have still yet to give it a whirl. Basically picking up every HD JRPG this gen, though. =P

Godmars2902436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Yeah, that's how badly JRPG fans are Jonesing for JRPGs, yet aren't really getting them.

Or they're getting PS2 level titles that bring nothing new and are an obvious waster of resources. With vacuous spaces and not enough done with character/battle animations - and yes I said it.

I love the concept behind this game but it should be painfully obvious that it wasn't done in the developer's comfort zone.

Stealth20k2436d ago

the game rules.

Haters hate.

Neckbear2436d ago

"Developed by GUST"


It's developed by Idea Factory.

Redempteur2436d ago

ANother painfull example of weak review indeed

stormeagle62435d ago

Fixed, but good looking out.