Gran Turismo 5; Video gamer takes second in real race

Jalopnik - It was a long day for Nissan Signatech racing, and a longer one for Lucas Ordonez, the "digital kid" who won Nissan's first GT Academy. The team's inaugural 12 Hours of Sebring was a nail-biter of a second-place finish.

Ordonez scored a seat in Nissan's first American sports-car-racing effort since 1994 after playing the crap out of GT5 Prologue, besting contenders in a bona-fide race car in the Academy's high-profile contest at the UK's Silverstone circuit and then performing for real in European GT4 competition.

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-Mezzo-2557d ago

He finished second, thats pretty amazing.

zootang2557d ago

I guess that's why they call it The Real Driving Simulator.

mrv3212556d ago

Another gamer finished in last, he hit the barriers but to his shock he could not rewind the race.

Si-Fly2556d ago

I wonder if he'd spent his time on iracing instead if he would've finished first...

Ilikegames762554d ago

iRacing is great too. The champion in one of the iRacing events was given a chance to drive a real race car, he did good. But he did barf in his helmet while driving at high speed. Just goes to show that there is a difference between driving a simulator and a real car.

upturned22554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

yea, well, that's totally obvious. no one gets motion sickness from playing a video game unless the camera view's like shift 2's.

iRacing is more accurate than GT5 but Lucas Ordonez and speed sickness iRacing champion are prime examples of how realistic these "video games" are. why do people deny that?

zag2552d ago

You can, motion sickness comes from the visual effect of swaying.

You can make someone sick by simply having them in a tent and just spinning the tent around them.

I think 1 in 100 people suffer from this, the rest may suffer mild effects but that's it, the hardcore ones have to be driving so they don't get sick.

Hitman07692557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

I wonder if his real life skills were enhanced by gaming? Who am I kidding, I know it was. Hope he wasn't playing with the controller though to make me into a half-liar lmao. #Wheel for life

ian722556d ago

I love playing GT5 with a wheel, started with GT5p. It is way better than using a game pad.
It makes the game more realistic and IMO can help people to learn to drive better.
I use the cockpit view (on premium cars), and bonnet/roof cam on others. Its suprising how near to real driving, a game can be.

O.T, This is really impressive, finishing second in a race.

NotSoSilentBob2556d ago

My hats off to both this driver and PD. Showing that playing games can lead to a successful endeavor.

offdawall2556d ago

its funny even the wors site in history vgchartz has gt5 over 6 million sold ..... but no one talks about it smh

Gran Touring2556d ago

It's not the sales that matter, its the level of quality that's put into GT5 that people talk about

upturned22556d ago

Way to go Ordonez! He's pretty fascinating.

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