Sony secures exclusive for Grand Theft Auto 7 ( Name yet to be announced )

According to the November 2007 issue # 76 of the Official Xbox Magazine, Sony has secured the next Grand Theft Auto, which would be number 7 in the series, to be a true exclusive to the PlayStation 3. More after the jump.


Rumor Buster: GTA 7 NOT Sony Exclusive

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LSDARBY3761d ago

Cool, if true. Good on Sony, got in there before MS.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

EDIT: @1.2- I agree. After reading a little bit more about this rumor, it seems like bullcrap. Too many things in the article seem too fishy:

#1- giving Rockstar a blank check? Executives never say that.

#2- If this statement was given to the press, why was an Xbox only magazine be the only one with the scope?

Douche3761d ago

This contradicts Jack Tretton's statement of Sony not buying exclusives. The only difference here is that Rockstar truly wanted this in the first place. To be able to harness the power of the PS3 solely and to take advantage of the benefits of Bluray. Who really cares about being the nice guy at this point? Good job taking initiative Sony.

eXplotion3761d ago

xbots just got owned..
ps3 IS future proof, it will own 2008, and will continue to own 2009 with gta exclusive!

unlimited3761d ago

im not so sure but dvd9 wont be enough for gta..the next gta will be bigger and badder

Vojkan3761d ago

Jack Tretton is a puppet. He doesnt know a sh.t! Just check youtube to see some of his legendary charades.

jackfatal3761d ago

am sorry but game over! this is where it ends if this comes true!!

Gina-get-u3761d ago

Read the posts by Meus Rennaisance and Fjtorres below. This tip is bogus. OXM just punk'd you all.

kingofps33761d ago

YAY!!!!!!! I can't be happier! PLAY B7YOND!!! pOoR MicRoOsOfT. :(

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resistance1003761d ago

First a new IP franchise, now the next gta

DarkArcani3761d ago

Two IPs. One is LA Noire and the other is yet to be announced.

sonarus3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

if sony gets rockstar dat wud be HUGE

The next GTA that is the once coming out after nxt yrs will be GTA 7. San Andreas was technically GTA 5 and the next 1 would be GTA 6. GTA 3 was the first of the games to hit playstation 2. Then we had vice city and san andreas.

razer3761d ago

MS just isn't hungry enough... There too busy closing up shop.

SuperSaiyan43761d ago

The next GTA is GTA 4...GTA 7 could be most likely a PS4 title...Or a PS5 title depending how quickly Rockstar want to mint the franchise.

LSDARBY3761d ago

It means it will be the 7th in the series, including vice city & san andreas.

TheExecutive3761d ago

7th installment in the series... San Andreas, Vice City etc. are counted

jcgamer3761d ago

It was two GTA's before GTAIII, then there was Vice City and San Andreas, which would make 5...GTAIV makes 6...this exclusive would be the 7th in the series...and on the PS3 exclusively, according to name announced yet...they could call it GTAV...

Snukadaman3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

let them have it...its only GTA 7....3 more versions too go until its exclusive...for some reason ..some of them think GTA 6 or 5 is delayed right

look..its a rumor from official xbox announcments from sony or rockstar...wouldnt you think both would be saying something..cmon now. especially if its exclusive for sony.

ohh sorry i forgot the /sarcasm my bad....

SRuN43761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

are you kidding me? exactly the type of person i commented on down the page; the typical "GTA7 is years down the road LOLZ" response. if you actually read it, you'd clearly state the 7th game of the series not GTA7 itself.

DethWish3761d ago

There was a GTA London also... and I think there were atleast one other GTA game before GTA3 (excluding GTA1 and 2)
So this would make this title...... GTA9? :O

Anyways this rumour seems a bit weird to me

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