Next-Gen Exclusive Interview with Bungie's Brian Jarrard

Brian Jarrard, franchise and community director for Bungie explains how a phenomenally successful wholly-owned studio can up and walk away from its parent.

Here's a little piece of the action:

Next-Gen: What was it like sitting back and watching all of these rumors unfold on the Internet. There are some people that called it "ludicrous," even calling people that simply entertained the idea "suckers." Meanwhile, what was Bungie doing while this was all going on?

Jarrard: We've kind of been watching from the sidelines. It's been kind of entertaining at times. I've read some pretty awesome forum posts with people that were sure that this was nothing but an Internet hoax. It's funny now to watch them eat their words.

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razer4088d ago

Yes, isn't it funny to watch all your loyal supporters/customers eat their words.. hahahahaha Newsflash you bunch of overrated crappy programmers.. HALO is the name people know, NOT Bungie!