Breaking and Entering - New Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay

Looks like Square Enix are really keen on people believing that the new Deus Ex lives up to its parents. We’ve not been gifted with much in the way of gameplay footage until now, everything hiding inside their beautiful trailers or very briefly touched upon elsewhere, but with the release date finally-sort-of-announced-prob ably, they’re reeling out the big guns.

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chak_2825d ago

glowing thingy around every object you can interact.... /facepalm

Seriously, make this an option guys, it's one of the worse design choice ever. I know it was in DX1 and 2, but still, we're not stupid enough to know we can interact with A DOOR or A COMPUTER.

plb2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

That's immediately what I thought. They seemed to have dumbed it down =\ I mean is it really that hard to figure out to go down a ladder?

Pixelated_Army2825d ago

OH MY GOD more complaining. STHU please.

Thank you! : )

The_Nameless_One2825d ago

Just went on the DX3 forums and the highlighted objects cannot be turned off. It's a part of the game and not a feature.

RyuDrinksTheDew2825d ago

ahh maaannn :(

if that is an official announcement, then im sad.

Christopher2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I wouldn't mind it being optional, but definitely make it default. Visual cues are important for many of us who don't have 20/20 vision, let alone two eyes of use. The highlighting tremendously helps my one eye focus on what is being highlighted. This is specific to a group of object and not to doors and stairs, though. If I have to highlight everything or nothing, I'd much rather go with highlighting everything personally due to my lack of visual acuity.

Highlighting is vital, though, for determining movable objects like the box they showed.

This is looking very good so far. Very pleased they're comfortable showing the demo on the PS3 as well.

@MidnytRain: I have only one "operable" eye. The vision in my right eye is so poor that it can't be classified as anything other than blind. So, I rely upon my left eye. Have my whole life. I wear special glasses solely for the purpose of protecting my one good eye. There is a chance that I might get a glass eye, but it's a 50/50 chance and not until I'm 10-20 years older.

MidnytRain2825d ago

You seriously only have one eye?

MidnytRain2825d ago

To be fair, I've walked right by my fair share of doors and computers that were apparently painted on the wall or were made of cardboard, lol.

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The_Nameless_One2825d ago

Ohh please don't let it another DA2 case. GIve us fans a classic option. Glowing objects...please...

Raider692825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

i liked the alternate, multiple roots approach it almost looked like the original Deus Ex!

Spydiggity2825d ago

Seems like it lacks some of the depth of Deus Ex. and the stealth and multiple roots reminds me more of splinter cell.

game still looks great. one of my most anticipated games this year. maybe THE most

RyuDrinksTheDew2825d ago

i hope you can turn off the yellow outlining on stuff.

do people really need the game to scream "CLIMB DOWN THIS LADDER!!" or "OPEN THIS DOOR!!"?

other than that, i love the presentation, and the voice acting sounds sharp.

lets keep our fingers cross that this was on easy setting.

edoman202825d ago

Hope that alternate options are more smarter that this, really, if you want an attack approach is because you have the ammo and habilities to do it that way, and the game shouldt give tons of bullets and make it easier just because you choose that way

The first DX gave lots of options, but all of them depended of your actual status.

Is not "free choice" whats is important, is actually "whats the better choice"

Christopher2825d ago

It's the very first thing you do in the game. While I'm not saying it won't be different, I definitely wouldn't paint a picture of the full game being like this when the first part is intended to educate everyone on what they can and can't do.

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