Crysis 2: I Barely Noticed a Difference

TitanReviews: Are the two versions really all that different? I've played both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions and barley noticed a difference graphically. So am I just not paying close enough attention or am I not the only one that thinks this?

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theonlylolking2459d ago

When in motion the PS3 has more motion blur in the demo. If you have played both the PS3 and 360 demo you would know that when you sprint on the PS3 version there is a noise like wind blowing by you but on the 360 demo it is non-existent.

The 360 demo does run smoother and the lighting does look better but it has less shadows than the PS3 demo but the PS3 demo is a more recent build of the game so it is not that fair to compare.

jjohan352459d ago

4th post down, Crytek officially said that the PS3 demo is an older build. These comparisons are worthless, useless, and irrelevant. Let's wait until we can compare retail versions, please.

theonlylolking2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Yeah it is an earlier version compared to retail but I said a more recent version than the 360.

I agree that the comparisons should be held off till retail but crytek and IGN started it.

Crysis 1 has more than just graphics. It is very fun because you feel like a Bada**.

Focker4202459d ago

This is typically how it is. Very few games is there an actual noticeable difference. Fanboys just take minute comparisons from LoT and Digital Foundry and they blow them way out of proportion. The friends I've talked to that have played both versions say they haven't been able to find a difference with the Crysis 2 demo.

We're talking about miniscule differences here, more times than not its not significant enough to be the only reason you purchase it on one console or the other. Some games it applies, but definitely not in this case.

ProjectVulcan2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

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Only the very worst conversions are particularly noticeable. The difference between the consoles is usually so small it is quite pathetic to spend hours and hours poring over them and arguing.

Even running side by side most people would not pick versions apart. The only way to seperate most games is to freeze frames and use static shots, and then zoom in on a particular area and highlight it. In motion these differences wouldn't even register.

Only performance and tearing might be noticeable differences to some people.

Spenok2459d ago

100% agree with you here, just pick the games up for the console of your choice people. Its as simple a decision as that. Your not going to get a better experience because the 360 version has better textures on this wall, or the ps3 version has better lighting in that room. The core gameplay experience will be the same, everything else doesnt matter. Graphics dont make a game fun.

Urrakia342459d ago

Graphics, graphics, graphics. All I ever hear about Crysis.......

thekiddfran2459d ago

What else is there to do with this game?The first game had out of this world graphics but terrible everything else!

Tyre2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago ) had it was very in it's own league story was EPIC and gameplay was also out of this world:customizable weapons&suit/using vehicles like boats tanks all sorts of trucks/using destructable objects and the environments/the sneaking the options to approach the situations etc/being in the heart of darkness like when the unknown(aliens) starting to awake and u have the constant feeling of impending doom with the mountain peaking above u when u ascend it...just before the invasion begins, and u enter the mountain and sneak into the recently discovered aliens lair and be very careful not to get noticed...than suddenly the invasion starts and ur in the heart of it..EPIC! never experienced such a good build up of tension and scale in any other could u say such a thing? Crysis1 was jam packed with good stuff it is ridiculous...certainly for a game back then..i played it like a dozen times and everytime it was unique...u probably didn't even get into it...just sh#t up...anyway that's just ur opinion against mine but i'm not the one hating here...u either hate it or love it is that it? no inbetweens?

Active Reload2459d ago

I can't wait to play this game!

plb2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

The margin between PS3 and 360 is trivial at best. If you want to see a real margin do it between PC and consoles.

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