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Top 5 PSONE Classics I Want HD Remakes For

TitanReviews: My top 5 list of the PSONE classics that I would like to see remade in HD. It's hard to pick just 5 so picked the top 5 I loved to play as a kid. (PS3, Psone Classics)

Kalowest  +   1627d ago
I would like to see Digimon World 1,2,and 3.
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Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1627d ago
....METAL GEAR!! and some crash...
TheLastGuardian  +   1627d ago
I'd buy all these day 1 if they were made into HD collections. Crash Bandicoot and Twisted Metal are my 2 favorite PS1 series.
ShinMaster  +   1627d ago
There's no point on increasing the resolution of PS1 games to 720 or 1080p.
The pixels would just look a lot clearer and bigger.

[edit] Unless they're completely REmaking the games. Then hell yeah.
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Nes_Daze  +   1627d ago
We definitely need Spyro back.
TomInc  +   1627d ago
I really wanna see the original Ape Escape style brought back.. the new one looks cool but it lacks the character control and story aspect that PS1 games did so well!
Fulensenca  +   1627d ago
Metal Gear Solid
Wipeout/Wipeout 2097/Wip3out
The Legend of the Dragoon
Jumping Flash

... and:

Bushido Blade
Suikoden I & II
Omega Boost
Colony Wars

InspectorG  +   1627d ago
I would definitely like to see a remake of Legend of the Dragoon - I had so much fun on it as a kid, in fact I do have my original disk around here somewhere. Might play it again soon
Brycker  +   1627d ago
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.
Blackcanary  +   1627d ago
don't know if they could do it but Aludra lol or just a remake of it for the ps3 lol.
tigertron  +   1627d ago
Its funny that Crash should come up, because I was playing all the old ND Crash games yesterday and I would love it if ND remade them. I don't know if ND have the rights to the Crash games that they made but it would be great if they did and restored the franchise's damaged reputation.
rob6021  +   1627d ago
Jet Moto, colony wars, wing commander and syndicate wars.
Quagmire  +   1627d ago
CTR HD remake with online support and track/character mods.
Relientk77  +   1626d ago
Good list

The Spyro series never gets old to me

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