Dead Island - No Release in Germany

The highly anticipated Zombie-Shooter Dead Island will not be seeing the light of day in Germany, at least not officially - more through the link

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jony_dols2594d ago

'The Polish developer Techland seek a preview from GamePro no release of Dead Iceland in Germany loudly.'

It looks like the banking crisis was the least of Iceland's worries!

germandude2594d ago

I will take the import road!

Merivigian2594d ago

No you guys are mistaken, it's not Dead Island, it's Dead Iceland.

Cecker2594d ago

Yeah its Dead Island, there you will read Dead Iceland because of the Translator :D

fredfenster2593d ago

Thanks for pointing that out captain obvious :)

Cecker2593d ago

it seems, that it was not obvious for everyone ;)

Urrakia342594d ago

Why is it being banned?

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