Blu-ray Gets New Exclusive Ally: Lipinski Sound

Lipinski Sound Corporation has announced that they will exclusively support Blu-ray with their full range of home theater equipment. Lipinski is set to reveal their proprietary turn-key HD Surround Sound solution using a Sony BDP-S2000ES Blu-ray disc player. This system will vastly surpass the audio quality currently available on the market.

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wil4hire4059d ago

I mean, is there ANY good news for HD-DVD?

cuco334058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Let's look at ONLY news JUST for today shall we, mainly concentrated around BD?

1. Neilson's numbers, so coveted by the blu boys, revealed today that last weeks sales, the same as HALO 3 launch which was destined to drastically slow HD DVD sales, were BD 54:46 HD DVD. How is that bad news for HD DVD?

2. Fox studios today publicly thrashed Samsung and LG for having players that don't play some of Fox's own BD movies (i.e. FF2:SS). Has is this bad news for HD DVD?

3. BD's own chairman today publicly announced that BD is not in competition with HD DVD, yet every single presentation slide to date has shown comparisons of HD DVD vs BD. How is this bad news for HD DVD?

This is all just 3 tidbits for today ONLY. If I went back to the week, the month, etc you'ld see more news.

See, HD DVD doesn't even need to say a word, BD does all the BD bashing on it's own. :P

You PS3 fans aren't even buying BD films, the sales data proves it. Besides, to be on topic, no one here even has the equipment to fully utilize what BD can offer, and this company being one of them.

Razzy4059d ago

Toshiba may as well just bite the bullet and start making Blu Ray players.

damnwrx4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Give away for 50 bucks or a LAYAWAYPLAN availability.....

blackmagic4059d ago

Hate to break it to everyone but as long as an audio reciever has audio inputs, it isn't exclusive to any standard.

Mu5afir4059d ago

Wrong, audio receivers can be designed to incorporate certain codecs or optimization to make them work better with a particular system. Take a HDTV for example, it has HDMI input because it is required by High Def media players to play contents at 1080p.

Or take Dolby as an example.

skynidas4059d ago

hd dvd is dead blu ray will win!!

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The story is too old to be commented.