UK Retailers taking pre-orders for 40GB PS3; confirm no PS2 BC

UK Retailers are starting taking pre-orders for the £299.99 40GB PS3 models to be released on Oct 10th.

GAME's website states:

This PlayStation 3 model does NOT feature:

* Backwards Compatibility with PS2 Games
* Memory Stick Card Readers
* SACD Playback
* Ethernet Cable
* 4 USB Ports, this model features 2.

In addition, this price point does not include any bundled Blu-Ray movies or games.

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lonestarmt4092d ago

no Ethernet Cable? that can't be right, so you have to use wireless or dail up?

Jamaicangmr4091d ago

Wow! So no cable in the box so you panic? Just do like most of us just use your own. "Dial up" damn talk about goin from one extreme to the next.

b777conehead4091d ago

it has the ethernet port just docent come with the cable the cable can be purchased

xaphanze4092d ago

Im getting my 60GB next week.Wont come near this one.

mikeslemonade4092d ago

There is BC for ps2 in future updates just like the 80gb had more BC after the 1.92 update. Pay attention to more reputable articles.

Jdoki4090d ago

So the boss of PlayStation UK stating they have excluded it is not reputable?

And GAME is unlikely to so prominently advertise the lack of BC (hardly a selling point), along with most other reputable retailers (Gameplay etc) if it were not true.

If BC gets added (if possible) later then great, but for now PS2 games won't work on the 40GB model... but y'know, thank for your informed input mike!

gunnerforlife4091d ago

gettin a 60gig next week Wednesday 50 extra is nothing really

mightydog014091d ago

for a ps3 £299 its a bargin for ps2 owner's and would be buyer,s there will be update 2 play ps2 game's later on. In that price u get blu-ray so you cant complain. 360 you have to get add on to play movies. if u want' and have the money get 60 gig still a steal its the time to jump in for ps2 owners and casual gamers. Sony drop price and thats a plus for us so stop complaining. The only ones that are complianing are 360 owners cause they trying to be negative. And they know what's coming a shift in sale's meaning more install base for ps3. All what 360 owners got to look forward to is rrod and disc read errors and scratch disc, who wants that when they can get a ps3 with no issues.Come 2008 there going to be alot of ps3 owners. game on!!!!

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