Moddb pulls School Shooter: North American Tour 2012 from site

In a twist that has surprised absolutely no-one, Moddb has deleted the controversial Source mod by Checkerboarded Studios, which allowed players to mimic real-world school shootings as part of a fast-paced, arcadey kill-em-all style shoot 'em up.

Moddb has defended their choice to remove the mod, as their most recent blog post illustrates, but the damage has already been done, perhaps for both sides of the argument.

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D812652d ago

Really interesting to see how all this is playing out.

Hanuman2651d ago

Good thing and understandable. If there's a huge shitstain on my car I don't remove it because I have a grudge against shitstaines, but because the thing makes my car look like crap. This shitstain of a MOD is better off this way.

MAJ0R2651d ago

interesting given the fact that the mod didn't break any rules

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