Crysis 2 - Leaked PS3 SP Campaign Gameplay (30+ Mins) (Spoilers)

YouTube user “agino11″ has somehow managed to get his hands on the PS3 version of Crysis 2 early & he has uploaded some gameplay of the game in action, Check ‘em out.

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TheDarkness2315d ago

Looks good. I Preorder the Ps3 version But After all the Bs I decided to cancel and Preorder the 360 Version.

Derekvinyard132315d ago

to be honest, its to hard to tell from this video because this video looks dam good while the MP ps3 demo was decent visually. but i blame u guys on this site because everyone is saying the code is old then new then old Etc..... im still buying it. and darkness have fun because the gameplay is great. feels nice smooth and new

evrfighter2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

you won't hear me say this often and atm I REALLY dislike Crytek but they did a good job on the consoles.

It's safe to say that those ps3 fans still harboring a grudge are doing so out of pure spite.

The single player started off pretty good. Looks to be an interesting story. I played the leaked version but stopped shortly after. The environments are just too static for me. Didn't feel like crysis.

xAlmostPro2315d ago

Honestly i think the whle hate and rumours of the ps3 version being worse have all snowballed from when it was discovered that it was like 100 pixels or so under 720p..

Not gonna lie, even i kinda went in a mood with crytek, because after all they did say each platform would be maxed amongst other things to please ps3 owners.

However after such things, actually playing the demo and seeing this footage has shown me that it's really not as bad as made out.. The only issues i found in the Demo were that the framerate had huge drops when orbital strikes were called in and the only other things was the connection issues, which the 360 users also got with their first demo. There's even many screenshots and pieces of footage that show the ps3 version looking better in alot of places. The lighting is the main thing that looks better on ps3.

My point is, crytek your fools for over-hyping your product so much. All of us that may have hated on crytek since the "sub-par HD" articles came out are also idiots for helping the rumours and hate for the ps3 version snowball.

It looks like a good/solid product, i'll be happily buying it for my ps3.

sobekflakmonkey2315d ago

Im gonna be honest, looks great, but the animations suck a fat dick, like in the beginning when the player gets woken, my god...its enough to make me cringe.

HolyOrangeCows2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

This always happens. They release ugly compressed to oblivion videos, and people think it looks great because they can't see the jaggies in the blotchy video.

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Shaman2315d ago

Honestly,looks good is an understatement.This looks flipping crazy!

2315d ago
sobekflakmonkey2315d ago

It has good graphics, yeah, but the characters animation and movement is fucking horrible. Honestly I'm a bit disgusted at that beginning part..

Blacktric2315d ago

Well, these videos prove that all that bitching and moaning was worthless. Yes, demo was mediocre looking at best but these videos show that the game's singleplayer portion looks as good as the Xbox 360 version. I'd still like to see some multiplayer footage from retail build though.

LORD-PHOENIX2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

sterile graphics , this game should have stayed on PC where it would benefit the most

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TOSgamer2315d ago

I wonder if you even watched the videos or are you just regurgitating what your troll buddies have said in other threads. lol

Tyre2315d ago

@meself probably some journalist or PC gamer giving me a disagree in the message above.

YOUR-MUM2315d ago

Im a one console person , my console of choice is the 360. However good to see all the rubbish about the ps3 version is just that. Looks fine in these videos.

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souljah2315d ago

I know that i will get lots of disagrees, i just got a leak version of Crysis2 on my PS3, gotta tell you, it`s awesome, don`t trust those who says the graphics sux. It is one of the most awesome games i`ve ever played on PS3. It`s better then Crysis 1 on PC, so i think they did a good job on consoles. My guess is that the xbox360 version is better though. Cheers ./