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Crysis 2 - Leaked PS3 SP Campaign Gameplay (30+ Mins) (Spoilers)

YouTube user “agino11″ has somehow managed to get his hands on the PS3 version of Crysis 2 early & he has uploaded some gameplay of the game in action, Check ‘em out. (Crysis 2, PS3)

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TheDarkness  +   1624d ago
Looks good. I Preorder the Ps3 version But After all the Bs I decided to cancel and Preorder the 360 Version.
Derekvinyard13  +   1624d ago
to be honest, its to hard to tell from this video because this video looks dam good while the MP ps3 demo was decent visually. but i blame u guys on this site because everyone is saying the code is old then new then old Etc..... im still buying it. and darkness have fun because the gameplay is great. feels nice smooth and new
evrfighter  +   1624d ago
you won't hear me say this often and atm I REALLY dislike Crytek but they did a good job on the consoles.

It's safe to say that those ps3 fans still harboring a grudge are doing so out of pure spite.

The single player started off pretty good. Looks to be an interesting story. I played the leaked version but stopped shortly after. The environments are just too static for me. Didn't feel like crysis.
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xAlmostPro  +   1624d ago
Honestly i think the whle hate and rumours of the ps3 version being worse have all snowballed from when it was discovered that it was like 100 pixels or so under 720p..

Not gonna lie, even i kinda went in a mood with crytek, because after all they did say each platform would be maxed amongst other things to please ps3 owners.

However after such things, actually playing the demo and seeing this footage has shown me that it's really not as bad as made out.. The only issues i found in the Demo were that the framerate had huge drops when orbital strikes were called in and the only other things was the connection issues, which the 360 users also got with their first demo. There's even many screenshots and pieces of footage that show the ps3 version looking better in alot of places. The lighting is the main thing that looks better on ps3.

My point is, crytek your fools for over-hyping your product so much. All of us that may have hated on crytek since the "sub-par HD" articles came out are also idiots for helping the rumours and hate for the ps3 version snowball.

It looks like a good/solid product, i'll be happily buying it for my ps3.
sobekflakmonkey  +   1624d ago
Im gonna be honest, looks great, but the animations suck a fat dick, like in the beginning when the player gets woken, my god...its enough to make me cringe.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1623d ago
This always happens. They release ugly compressed to oblivion videos, and people think it looks great because they can't see the jaggies in the blotchy video.
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Shaman  +   1624d ago
Honestly,looks good is an understatement.This looks flipping crazy!
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sobekflakmonkey  +   1624d ago
It has good graphics, yeah, but the characters animation and movement is fucking horrible. Honestly I'm a bit disgusted at that beginning part..
Blacktric  +   1624d ago
Well, these videos prove that all that bitching and moaning was worthless. Yes, demo was mediocre looking at best but these videos show that the game's singleplayer portion looks as good as the Xbox 360 version. I'd still like to see some multiplayer footage from retail build though.
LORD-PHOENIX  +   1624d ago
sterile graphics , this game should have stayed on PC where it would benefit the most
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gamesPS360   1624d ago | Spam
TOSgamer  +   1624d ago
I wonder if you even watched the videos or are you just regurgitating what your troll buddies have said in other threads. lol
Tyre  +   1623d ago
@meself probably some journalist or PC gamer giving me a disagree in the message above.
YOUR-MUM  +   1624d ago
Im a one console person , my console of choice is the 360. However good to see all the rubbish about the ps3 version is just that. Looks fine in these videos.
josephayal  +   1624d ago
the best version
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souljah  +   1624d ago
I know that i will get lots of disagrees, i just got a leak version of Crysis2 on my PS3, gotta tell you, it`s awesome, don`t trust those who says the graphics sux. It is one of the most awesome games i`ve ever played on PS3. It`s better then Crysis 1 on PC, so i think they did a good job on consoles. My guess is that the xbox360 version is better though. Cheers ./
mightyboot  +   1624d ago
lol at the first trophy
souljah  +   1624d ago
Can it run Crysis ? :)))
rajman  +   1624d ago
"YouTube user “agino11″ has somehow managed to get his hands on the PS3 version of Crysis 2 early"
Because he has a jailbroken PS3 and downloads games illegally, look at this other video of his:
the_kutaragi_baka  +   1624d ago
and this guy is brazilian - _ -

embarrassment for my country. -.-
Rashonality  +   1624d ago
i heard that games in Brazil are sold for a fortune, i don't blame if so let's just give him a break.
milohighclub  +   1623d ago
did you know if you work for game in the uk, you can buy games as soon as they come in to stock which is usually a week early. wish i still worked there. pfft!!
anticooper  +   1624d ago
Great job crytek:-) looks amazing PEACE:-)
Killzone3___  +   1624d ago
i'll put this again...

played the beta, it's ok , it's fun too because of the gameplay , it gives you alots of options, it have some problems but people here are really really complicated , they want everything perfect , every game have problems , crysis problems are not that bad , it doesn't effict on the gameplay and the fun , the only things i hate in it but it's still good are :

1_ they changed alots of things from the first game and that's a bad thing like custem the weapon, and sometimes it feels like halo because of the look of the player { the gameplay don't feel like halo and that's a good thing } ...
2_ the way the player run feels like a feather , they should have make it a little heavy , and i don't know if i hit the player when i shoot him so they should have make the controller shake a little when you hit the player..

3_ they really have to put the good stuff from the first game and put all the options from the campaign to the multiplayer and put a freeraom mode...

4_ killstreaks , it's sucks taking killstreak from the player when he die , just count it without collect it because it's already hard killing them and then you make us go and collect things , put more killstreaks , put more weapons , only 2 asssult weapons , it's not good puting less weapons , more weapons means more options , put all the powers in the multiplayer , i don't like the heavy power , it's sucks , the invisible power is amazing :D ...

3_ put more time and score in team deathmatch !! that's the importent thing for me because the game finish really fast >.< ...

4_the melee have some problems , i try to hit him but he don't die XD , i hit players more then 2 times but they still don't die , and when you are near someone the gameplay feels lag..

after i got the last level i start getting errors so fix that in the beta... -.-

the game is really fun , im enjoying it :D
awiseman  +   1624d ago
You have to pik up ur killstreak so that u cant camp, crytek did that to battle campers
Dude420  +   1624d ago
For your first point, there are one of three things. It seems either it somehow wasn't implemented in the beta, you're just simply lying, or you didn't know what to press to enable customizing. You CAN customize your weapon in the game.

Skip to 2:32

Related video
Killzone3___  +   1623d ago
oh , i didn't know that >.<

i mean customizing while playing just like in the single player , you choose the weapon befor starting the game and you put red dot and stuff like that while playing ,idon't troll , i try to put the problems or the things that would make the game better...
byeGollum  +   1624d ago
Cryengine 3 shines even on old hardware.. best looking First person shooter on all platforms at the moment is Crysis 2.
vandal GAB  +   1624d ago
Yeah why some playstation fans want this game to fail is beyond me. Killzone was average at best and Crysis 2 just looks so much better! What an achievement Crytek have made a multiplat that out shines all FPS exclusives.
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1624d ago
Crysis 2 looks much more realistic and it also seems to have way more things happening on screen than KZ3. KZ3 looks all buffed up with huge amounts of motion blur just thrown on top.

One of the reasons I can't stand KZ3 is the blur, but it does a good job in hiding the low resolution textures lol.

Those of you who don't believe KZ3 has bad textures should look at KZ3's cut-scenes. The cut-scenes have less and sometimes no motion blur so the real quality of the textures are visible.

During gameplay the blur hides tons of things and it's probably one of the reasons why GG were able to increase it's draw distance and also have 2 player split-screen.
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TKCMuzzer  +   1623d ago
@ xtremepro
Interesting how you can make such a good texture comparison from a compressed youtube vid. Maybe it was just an opportunity to have a dig at Killzone.
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ct03  +   1623d ago
I can tell you why they want it to fail and play it down: because it's not a PS3 exclusive.
After all, everybody knows that only PS3 exclusives can be the best-looking console games, right? RIGHT?
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1624d ago
I've been watching a lot of 360 playthroughs and I've noticed something better in the PS3 version. In the beginning when they're all floating in the water the alien craft coming up form under them is actually visible through the water.

In the 360 version you can't see anything, and even when the guy drowns in the PS3 version the alien craft firing on them is still visible whereas in the 360 version you can hardly see it.

Why does the 360 version have really bad water?
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vandal GAB  +   1624d ago
I'm sure it's just the gamma and contrast that the videos were recorded at! Well get the PS3 and 360 version next week
Killzone3___  +   1623d ago
i can say the same thing about the xbox360 version ...

EDIT : sorry , i thought you were trolling >.< , im sucks at english

videos and picture don't show the real game , even the demos doesn't show you the real game , the only way to know is by playing the full game , i heared alots of people saying crysis 2 sucks , crysis 2 have bad graphics and alots of problems that makes the beta not playable , but i don't hear other people talk so i download it and i really enjoyed it , it have some problems but it's not like what people saying , it's playable and the gameplay makes it worth buying , i put the problems in my first comment just look at it...
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CherryLu-Chan  +   1624d ago
{~"Why does the 360 version have really bad water? "~}

Kidney infection?! ;)
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Masterchef2007  +   1624d ago
The game actually looks pretty good on the PS3. Looks like haters have overblown the differences between the 360 and PS3 version.

Yes XBOTS it looks just as good as the 360 version so you can all go back to your Halo and leave us alone.

I am going to wait for reviews though because i dont know if i should get this or dead space 2.
vandal GAB  +   1624d ago
Yeah and you PS3 fangirls bitching about the PS3 version can shut the fuck up now! They both look awesome!
Masterchef2007  +   1624d ago
Yep they do. And dont call me a fangirl.

I was just a little worked up with all the complaints about the demo on the PS3 thats all. And now by seeing the final version in motion i know for sure that PS3 owners wont get shafted.

Anyways it was the bots who started all this mess in the first place. With their claims on how the game will be better on the 360 and all that. And the article from IGN really started a fire here as well.

Please forgive me for my behaviour i didnt really mean to say all the horrible things that i did about crytek.
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vandal GAB  +   1623d ago
Apologies accepted LOL
tudors  +   1624d ago
@Masterchef2007 most of the critism came from PS3 fans.
Masterchef2007  +   1624d ago
I have been posting a lot. And most of it came from the 360 fans claiming how multiplats always look better on microsofts console.

Yes i do agree with you that PS3 owners complained a lot because of the problems that they had with the beta.
Tyre  +   1623d ago
@masterchef2007 it was not the bots that initially started downplaying the console versions it was the PC gamers affraid of losing their bragging rights....IGN started to call the PS3 version inferior to flame the debat and obviously had a hidden agenda, cause if you played both the demos u could clearly see both versions were good and alike.
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taokaka13  +   1623d ago
I just hate all the pop-in, it's so noticeable! >< But game wise it looks great, other then weird amount of bloom when going inside and out.
CherryLu-Chan  +   1624d ago
WooOOOoOoo.. is that smell of a hundred 'knee jerk jimmys' cooking up a little humble pie?!

[*grabs popcorn*]

brandonb21  +   1624d ago
WOW im impressed i wonder if crytek did this leak on purpose well im preordering my game today. they seem to fix the fps. its not as blurry but. meh its not the best looking game on the ps3, who cares it looks very good for a muitplatfom. but i noticed between the ps3 and 360 they ps3 seems to have more field of view like when that alien ship came in you could't really see it on 360 at first but on the ps3 you seen it from the start. so what im trying to say is i think the ps3 might be a little bit better then 360 but not by much
tudors  +   1624d ago
That 3rd video looks great, I bet there are some real good set pieces, I knew this would look good on both consoles, I still think the connection issues are the problem on PSN, haven't you ever played a game online where your connection was a bit dodgy and the graphics took a hit? glad to see a game which will hopefully shut us all up for a bit, the difference between the PS3 and the 360 are very little and I don't see that changing unless MS or Sony release a RAM add-on, even then it would only be virtual because too my knowledge neither the PS3 or the 360 have options other than USB2, so for now I look forward to more and more great new engines.
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Jdub895O  +   1624d ago
wow i guess most of you guys were right, crysis 2 really looks like crap....darn these crytek guys sure are garbage!!!Yup and Killzone 3 has THE BEST GRAPHICS EVER!!!!! KZ3 FTW!!! LoL.I think we can all say that crytek did a great job with this game....truly is a graphical powerhouse.Expect to see reveiws saying it edges out every game out to date.I have Killzone 3 and beat it.Got to admit it looks good but these visuals are different.They look .....realistic.I have crysis on the pc and i think this version does better then my rig.I really dont care if people disagree but on the graphics side it really does the job.

Anyways the whole fps genre is getting boring, not saying that all these new games are bad but its the same thing.I think i had alot of fun with BBC2 the most.Multiplayer feels like another regular shooter.All i want is a good COMPETITIVE SHOOTER.My last hope is Socom 4.Dont let me down Zipper. By the way i hate people that say FTW....its just gay.
achira  +   1623d ago
come on. KZ3 is an excellent game. but i think crysis 2 looks really good. Why cant you enjoy both games ?

what i really like about kz3 is the fluid animation and hit response. it feals a bit odd in crysis 2. but crysis 2 has really good water effects and lighting effects.
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1623d ago
KZ3 actually has the worst set of animations I've seen in a game, after KZ2 I thought they'd fix the glitchy animations but low & behold it's exactly the same.

The characters move as if they're floating and the reloading animations are really really slow. I like Crysis 2's fast reload animations.
achira  +   1623d ago
lol ^^^ you cant be serious, come on.
Jdub895O  +   1623d ago
im not saying its a bad game.Its not what people make it seem.The multiplayer is missing alot of features and you know it.This game does look better than killzone3.Are you blind? look at the new PS3 VIDEOS.Again im not saying its better just saying it looks better.
brandonb21  +   1623d ago
who cares its not as good as killzone i think this will be the best muitplatform game we seen so far
Shaman  +   1624d ago
not best looking game on consoles?Ya guys sure?

Masterchef2007  +   1624d ago
I hate to ask but is that the PC version? It looks to good to either be the 360 or PS3 version.
Shaman  +   1624d ago
Everything you see in that picture is on both consoles,except Edge AA=3,its 2 on consoles :)

This is 720p shoot.
Ju  +   1623d ago
It looks awesome. Awesome character models. Best over all? Nah, don't think so. But quite up there with the best (at least single player, mp seems to scale down quite a bit).
Lirky  +   1624d ago
Wish it was a third person game, and possible over the shoulder re5,me2 style or just full third person.
Tyre  +   1623d ago
then u would miss the whole feel of the Nanosuit....just like in HL2 1st person perspective enhances the intensity and is more immersive.
DEADEND  +   1624d ago
Damn just a few more days and I can enjoy this awesome FPS, day one on PS3/PC.
rmw2hot  +   1623d ago
I'll stick with killzone 3 the game looks good but nothing special. I'm putting my hard earned money in socom 4 instead.
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xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1623d ago
Crysis 2 looks too realistic so I can understand why you'd prefer cartoony looking games over realistic ones.

After all you're a kid ;)
kingboy  +   1623d ago
men don't worry what kids play either
so what it's his choice so deal with it, plus it's not like you're funding his purchase
Kos-Mos  +   1623d ago
Oh my gosh. Oh oh oh. No n no. Listen to that robotic voice; "SYTEM OVERLOAD".
Good graphics.
Made for teens and western adults with teen brains.
Tyre  +   1623d ago
"gaming is one of the major distinctions between humans and animals in the history of life on this planet..humans stay curious, keep playing and playing games even when they are matured" - Richard Attenborough BBC.
#21.1 (Edited 1623d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Kos-Mos  +   1623d ago
But doesn`t evolve mentally. Thanks for proving my point of generalizing fps gamers who play fps games without depth.
kevnb  +   1623d ago
Tech wise nothing on console comes close, that looks nice while having smooth gameplay. Most console shooters just feel clunky and/or claustrophobic.
DEADEND  +   1623d ago
Ok after watching the videos I did notice a few times where the frame rate dropped and there's a lot of pop-ins here and there. But overall it looks damn good on the PS3. For those who say it doesn't look as good as Killzone 3 who care. And for those who say it looks better than Killzone 3 all I have to say to either side guess what it doesn't matter because us PS3 owners have the option to play both like me.
neoandrew  +   1623d ago
Pirated version this mean "somehow"
Haha , he just downloaded a pirated ps3 version of crysis 2 so not "somehow" - ps3 updates changes nothing, you can still play games for FREE and sony can't block this...
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jalen247  +   1623d ago
CryEngine 3 is a hell of an engine.

Crytek did a hell of a job. First trophy you get says it all. LOL.

The graphics are absolutely stunning.

Crysis 2 is the best looking multiplatform game hands down. No question.

Being a PS3 supporter. Based off these single player videos...I won't even front...Crysis 2 (PS3) is in the same league as top tier PS3 exclusives like Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2/3...but maybe not GOW III. That is a hell of an acheivement for a multiplat engine! I am inclined to say that this is the best looking game on any platform but will need need to play Crysis 2 and Killzone 3 and GOW III back to back on my 52 inch 1080p Samsung to make my final determination.

PS3 fans should give credit where credit is due...Crytek deserves credit for their accomplishment.

All this means is that PS3 exclusives can squeeze much more out of the PS3 than they currently are if a multiplatform engine from a PC developer can run this good on PS3

I was going to wait till the game was $19.99 but after seeing these videos...I am sold to get the game now...The story and game play seem very interesting and intriguing to me...this is right up my alley...
#25 (Edited 1623d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
brandonb21  +   1623d ago
same vote her

cryteck after its all said and done i think you accomplished something big no matter what anyone else says

you guys got my 60$ for ps3
Gamer_Z  +   1623d ago
The game looks fantastic on the PS3 I'm for sure picking up Crysis this week.
DAS692  +   1623d ago
I noticed objects that weren't rendered pop on screen. The shadow res and dynamics were really great but just not as visually stunning as the pc version because of the lack of quality in the textures etc. The best thing for Crytek to do now is to strive for a more processor-friendly way to render video games, because the ultra-realism just won't work on current consoles. And before anyone says it... I know Killzone 3 looks better than this, and it's for that exact reason... better and more cool-looking effects.
Pintheshadows  +   1623d ago
It looks fucking stunning. Couldn't care less about MP. I just hope the campaign lasts for about 8 hours rather than 5.
iagainsti120  +   1623d ago
This guy sucks at playing first person shooters i wanted to yell the whole time.

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