SPOnG: Official 40Gb Entry Level PlayStation Specifications

Of course, you were wondering exactly what makes up the new, cut-down, 40Gb PlayStation. Well, Sony's also sent along the specifications. Feast your technical-eyes on the following specs after the jump.
CC)" defined by HDMI ver1.3a are supported.

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Mr_Kuwabara4090d ago

Pretty cool, it's very similar to the 60gb one but does it have that crome trim like the rest or is it like the 20gb one?

And there is still no word on this coming stateside? (Although it's pretty obvious it will)

Premonition4090d ago

the 40gig does have chrome but some say the PS3 logo is like painted on instead of kinda ingraved, which is a good thing so now the letters wont fall off.

bourner4090d ago

cant be bother to compare to 60gb one . surly 20gb and a few things cant increase the price much

Big Jim4090d ago

When is this coming to the U.S.? I can't believe that the UK is getting this before the US is. Its usually the other way around. I don't want to wait another month for the 40 gig just so they can bundle it with that piece of crap "spiderman 3". This just sucks. As the richest and militarily most powerfull country on earth, the U.S. should get every bit of new electronics before every other country. In fact, the US should get this new 40 gig before Japan even does. This is an outrage.
P.S.-just kidding. I hope it hits the US soon though.

jaja14344090d ago

I really hate this whole multi SKU thing. Damm you MS for starting it. And damm you Sony for making it worse...

And damm you Kangaroo's!!!

TheMART4090d ago

So this is the real next gen system, right?

All those Sony fangirls crying the PS3 has all the cardreader nonsense, and now Sony's cutting it because the 360 gets too much market share.

Suddenly the system is not so next gen anymore?
PS3 will be slaughtered this Christmas, because MS won't sit on its hands now. The 360 will have it's pricecut soonish also, MS has 50 billion dollars in the bank and will kill any competition.

Sony digg their own grave for the PS3...

Jamaicangmr4090d ago

There was a time when your posts had more substance to them when it was much harder to disagree with you because you usually have some kind of a point.

Now your just soundin like a whinny lil "Fangirl" I've noticed that your postin alot less lately, what wrong? The early days of the PS3 being beat in the streets by the media for being too expensive and not havin enough games is comin to an end. Running out of material huh?

Just relax and pick up a PS3 you'll feel better in the morning.

Big Jim4090d ago

TheMART- what are you thinking? The PS3 "isn't next gen anymore"? The 40 gig PS3 has everything that the 360 elite has, PLUS its a blu-ray player, PLUS it has wi-fi, PLUS its more powerfull, plus it upscales DVDs to 1080i, etc, etc. Why would anyone buy a 360 instead of a 40 gig PS3? Really, why? There is no reason.

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