1UP: Dragon Age 2 Afterthoughts

The lead designer for Dragon Age 2 discusses story beats, development decisions, the future of RPGs, and yes, those recycled dungeons.

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Tex1172466d ago

Careful with the spoliers in that artcile.

He would say he would have changed the way they recyled kidding. That made the game feel clastraphobic. Not good for a high fantasy RPG.

Other than that...Im still getting a kick out of the game.

Christopher2466d ago

Actually, his wording was he would use them "more artfully" which doesn't translate to not using repeated dungeons. Sounds like they would have just put more time into putting in some more differences that would make them look less repetitive, but they would still use the core dungeon outlines.

Good interview overall, and I completely get what they mean with maintaining an identity with companion armor sets, but I think there were room for some other design decision questions (when are console gamers getting auto-attack? Why the decision to limit weapons by class and force warriors/rogues to stick to just one set?)

Tex1172466d ago

I agree with you, he did use the words "more artfully," but I also didn't say that they regretted using repetitive enviroments...I just said changed the way they recyled enviroments.

Of all the things to beetch about in this game...that is easily number one. I have no problem with experimenting with a framed narrative and a more personal story, but if a developer is going to do that, they need to make the enviroments in particulary interesting to make up for the lack of "epicness."

It was a rush job, and everybody knows it. If you look at it like that...They actually did do a pretty good job.

undercovrr2466d ago

I think the whole answer about the recycled dungeon was just him trying to avoid the real answer - which is time constraint and probably just overall lazyness.