It Is Now Really Official - Sony Confirms PS3 Price Drop; 40GB Pack Revealed

Sony unveils two new cut-price bundles to spearhead Christmas push in UK

From October 10th the existing PS3 Starter Pack will be replaced by a 60GB Value Pack, boasting a fully-functioning PS3 with one SIXAXIS controller and two first party titles for £349 – a price drop of around £75.

New to the market on the same day will be the 40GB model. It will retail at £299 - the same price Xbox 360 Elite – but features only two USB 2.0 ports and no longer includes the multi memory card port. It will also lack backwards compatibility with PS2 games.

The introduction of the new PS3 is explained in Sony's statement as a result of 'user feedback from thousands of existing PS3 owners as well as research into future PS3 owners.'

It adds that the backwards compatibility was dropped because there is a 'reduced emphasis placed on this feature amongst later purchasers of PS3.'

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sonarus4091d ago

Nice. That should help boost sales significantly. However The 60GB looks by far the more attractive option in my opinion. They should have bundled the 40GB with something as well

Gamespot-equals-EGM4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Haha, I told you the 40gb would not have BC. If you were smart enough to read the tea leaves, you could figure it out.

I just owned so many other people in the previous thread who were in denial about the 40gb ps3 not having BC.

Hahaha....IN YOUR FACE Sony girls!

Evil0Angel4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Y the hell do you want backward balh blah ?
if you want to play PS2 games than keep playin it in PS2 insted of spending 300£ to play in PS3.
what game in PS2 you prefer it overit PS3 counter-part?
if you are sort of person who have nice set-up and do not want to 2 consoles in his leaving room, i do not thing spending Aadditional 50£ will be problem for yoy specially you will get 2 first party games.

i am really glad to hear this news since i will be able to own all NEXT-GEN pltform this christmas ,insted of being dump-fanboy.

i think i will go with 60GB version since the other one will lack card reader , hence will not be able to transfare modes from PC to PS3 in UT3

The General4091d ago

Welcome to Play Beyond. In this new game, Ps3 takes over the Gaming Industry and Blu-ray is the new World Standard. PSP is already on its way to beating up the Ds.

All I have to say is, Welcome Back Sony, The King is Back.

The Lord of The Consoles: Twin Price-Cuts.

And We all know Bungie saw this coming, that is why they Jumped Out to Play Beyond.

Halo Standard Edition: $59.99
Halo 3 Limited Edition: $69.99
Halo 3 Legendary Edition: $129.99
Halo 3 Sigma for the Playstation 3: Priceless

xhi44091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

are you that ignorant? It does have backwards compatibility, just not with a chip, but with software. That's how the European consoles are backwards compatible, the japanese and america early consoles had the chip, but Sony made it redundant through the use of firmwares........yup xbot much?

My PS3, and all the eu ps3's are the same! I wish these sites would get their facts straight.....there is no BC CHIP! CHIP! But there is BC......god.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )


The 40gb ps3 will NOT have ps2 BC (ps1 BC is a given; hell the PSP has ps1 BC).

Quote from the article:

"It adds that the backwards compatibility was dropped because there is a ‘reduced emphasis placed on this feature amongst later purchasers of PS3.’ "

And also, you are 100% completely WRONG about Euro ps3's (I owned others on this point and I will own you on this point as well). Euro ps3's dropped the EE (ps2's cpu) but kept the GS (ps2's gpu). The 40gb ps3 drops both the EE and the GS.

VendettaWFT4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

This is EXACTLY whats going to happen at gamestop stores come christmas time. Parent: "Could I have a PS3 please" Clerk: "Yah I can get you one but it doesn't play all the old PS2 games you bought and can only play PS3 games, which means all those PS2 games you bought were a waste of money...But the XBOX360 plays all its old games so if you ever wanted to play like Halo 1 again you could no problem, plus Halo 3 just came out which is the best game ever"...parent walks out with a new it or hate it, thats how the guys at gamestop work

Gina-get-u4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

To all the dolts that may insist that backcompat is still possible because it is software, not hardware based:

WTF does a press release have to say to get through your thick skulls? On the earlier revised motherboards, software emulation without the emotion engine may have been posssible, but this does not mean that emulation was 100% software based. That motherboard had to have components built in to allow emulation by firmware update. Sony is now telling you that the 40gb model will not do that anymore, indicating that they cut certain features on the 40gb mobo so that the emulation software will no longer work on it. The only other way of looking at this is that Sony is deliberatey not patching the 40gb model for BC compatibility, and is just begging for it to get hacked. See, if the 40gb model had everything the 60gb has except for a card reader and stuff, few, if any numbskulls will buy the more expensive model. So quit spreading FUD and just read what Sony's official press release says in plain English without adding your own spin to it.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4091d ago

dont worry.

The SONY "girls" are all laughing at you.


gololo4091d ago

So...if you bought a 360 does it mean that you blew up your old right...I still have my NES and sometimes I play it :) SO STOP BEING SUCH A FANBOY!!!

VirusE4091d ago

The general are you brain dead (rhetorical question most fanboys like you are)? PSP over take the DS??? That is the dumbest thing i have heard all year. You obviously dont read much. As good as the psp is the DS appeals to a much larger market and is currently DESTROYING the psp in sales. I am not saying that the DS is a better machine but the psp has little hope at catching the ds this late in the game.

That being said the ps3 price drop and the lose of bungie is hard to ignore. Congrats sony

Primetimebt4091d ago

Yeah but who owes a original XBOX? let alone games

xhi44091d ago

Just with software emulation its not 100 percent of all games....thats JUST like my ps3, for instance scarface the world is yours has the crapiest framrate you'll ever see. Whilst gran turismo and gta san andreas are just fine!

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lonestarmt4091d ago

what? I just read something yesterday that it could read ps2 games. argh

actionjackson4091d ago

Most likely, all Sony referred to was that they are discontinuing the actual hardware from this model to reduce costs. This will allow software emulation to read PS2 games. I can't imagine to be difficult (or even cost prohibtive) for Sony not to add the software emulation in this new model. However, the software foes not gaurentee the equal amount of games like the chip does, but the difference is not much. So hang tight and let's hear it from Sony. After reading the article, it's still not clear whether the new PS3 will not play previous titles, or whether they will read, but with softwar instead of hardware.

pandabear4091d ago

Good news but still think dropping BC is a HUGE mistake as they are now looking for PS2 owners to take the plunge and upgrade but they still need to keep their PS2 if they want to play the games.

If the 40 Gig had BC - it could have been massive, surely the 60 Gig is more attractive still? Look what happened to 20 Gig!!!

BlackCountryBob4091d ago

Why do all these articles keep saying the 40gb PS3 will have no PS2 BC, the EU PS3's never did, like ever! The BC has always been software this side of the Atlantic! I really wish these news sites would get their facts straight!

Anyway, cheaper PS3 = good news for gamers but I am really puzzled why they didn't announce this earlier, its a strange thing but in the UK many kids looking for xmas presents do it almost exclusively y the Christmas catalogues from high street stores but now all those ave been printed and are readily available, why not do all this a month or so ago or even at Leipzig with mass fanfare and lots of cross media coverage.

My crystal ball see's a huge PS3 marketing campaign in the near future. lets just hope it is one we can understand (hairballs talking about psp? This is living?)

pandabear4091d ago

Actually you need to get your facts right - LISTEN CAREFULLY - THERE IS NO BC IN THE NEW 40 GB PS3.

The software emulation was in place of the EE but the GS was still in the EU PS3 - this has now been removed completely so from launch there will be no BC until they find a way of doing it all by software - if they bother. OK, so thats NO BC, none at all!!!

Gamespot-equals-EGM4091d ago

You just have to fork over an extra $100 or so. But BC is still there if you want it (and are willing to spend extra).

BlackCountryBob4091d ago

So that's egg on my face, I didn't know that, all I remember was when the UK PS3 was released there was a load of news story's saying that they would not have the PS2 innards so I just kind of assumed that meant everything was missing as no articles said any different.

I apologise for my ignorance, but I stand by everything else I said that it was announced too late.

Itachi4091d ago

there is backwards compatibility just limited like we always had

Primetimebt4091d ago

Who buys a PS3 to play PS2 games? Most likely people who buy a PS3 have a PS2 so what is the big deal? If you really are worried about the playing PS2 games on PS3 than spend the extra $100 or pull at your PS2 and play them.

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lonestarmt4091d ago

o good!!! so the EU one never had it to begin with? thats good, then maybe NA, and Japan will still get it. What does this translate to America, I'm not very good converting pounds or euros to dollars