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Submitted by jonnyvito 1791d ago | article

The 12 Greatest PlayStation Game Intros Ever

PlayStation Universe chooses its favourite 12 videogame openings, which includes the likes of Silent Hill, Resident Evil 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4. (Bayonetta, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, EA, God of War 3, Heavy Rain , LittleBigPlanet, Next-Gen, PS2, PS3, Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

Eric2929  +   1791d ago
MGS4 definitely deserves the top spot. What an epic intro.
Marceles  +   1791d ago
Did anyone's stomach turn when they saw Bayonetta up there? 12 games out of the thousands that's come out in the history of PlayStation, Bayonetta?
gunnerforlife  +   1791d ago
dmc3 should defo be up there with some of the best intros on ps2 and 3
rezzah  +   1791d ago
DMC3 had the most kickass intro of all the DMC's.
dangert12  +   1791d ago
killzone 2
Shikoro  +   1791d ago
I was wondering where that was. :/

Visari is unmatched, for me at least... :)

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TurismoGTR  +   1791d ago
MGS4 .. Simply one of the greatest games of all time. What a masterpeice!
CranberryPub  +   1791d ago
Yeah, MGS4 is the best bar none
porgep  +   1791d ago
I can't wait to see how this list will change by next year. Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, SOCOM, Twisted Metal... I'm sure at least one of those will have an incredible intro.
Eric2929  +   1791d ago
...or all of them!
CranberryPub  +   1791d ago
Uncharted 3 for sure will be another great intro
Lamarthedancer  +   1791d ago
I wonder if it will be walking the desert like in the trailer. They did it with Uncharted 2s Train scene, then Nathan will collapse in the desert and have flashbacks leading up to that point

Or it could take place on the Plane and it would crash, then the flashbacks happen
Ducky  +   1791d ago
Can pretty much fill the list with MGS games. MGS2 probably is highest in my mind, but they're all great.

Onimusha had a cool intro too... DungeonSiege I believe.
Along with DevilMayCry (but Bayonetta is a good replacement for that)

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NatureOfLogic  +   1791d ago
MGS1 IMO had the best intro in the MGS series.
Nonlazygamer   1791d ago | Spam
-Alpha  +   1791d ago
Shadow of the Colossus. Just the story and the entrance to this mysterious world was eerie and calm

Dark Cloud 2. Poetic intro, very endearing and simple
Nonlazygamer   1791d ago | Spam
Red_Phoenix  +   1791d ago
For a second I thought it was mentioning original playstation games, but nonetheless MGS4 does deserve the top position. Intro was orgasmic!
rdgneoz3  +   1791d ago
My first thought was playstation exclusives, then saw Bayonetta and went ...
Nonlazygamer   1791d ago | Spam
zackacloud  +   1791d ago
COD4 , bayonotta , little big planet , heavy rain and dead space ???????????????

I like Naruto shippuden Accel 2 intro than these

come on what that list ??

Did you ever touch FFIX , FFXII , Dark Cloud 2 , FFX , WKC and CC:FFVII (that just action-RPG and RPG games have amazing intro check the list of other genres games ) ?

Waring!!!!!!: He is new gamer (The article writer) ?
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Myze  +   1791d ago
While I don't completely agree with the list either, I fail to see how he is a "new gamer" simply because you don't agree. FFVIII, RE2 and Silent Hill are older than any game you mentioned.

Honestly, I'm not surprised to see a lot of newer games. This list isn't saying those games are the top 10 games of all time, just the best intros. It's not hard to believe newer games would be able to have a more cinematic opening to draw you in. Before FFVII, there were almost no great intros (other than for nostalgia purposes) in terms of the epic variety. CGI helped a lot back then to make great opening sequences. Today, of course, they don't require the use of CGI, since the in-game graphics on many of the games look good enough to do the job (MGS4, for example), if they see fit.
zackacloud  +   1791d ago
there animated intros

I know best he said best intro

but come on as example MGS4 poor intro it just for fans of MGS

RE:2 it wasn't that great either FFVIII

FFVII i love it too much but am not sure if it one of best intro because i'am fan Of FFVII and afraid to become fanboy that why i didn't mention FFVII

it not just about CGI DMC3

I meaned by new gamer , he just start with 7th gen
Myze  +   1791d ago
No offense meant, but I can barely understand what you are typing, so maybe I'm misunderstanding part of your context.

I never said FFVII was one of the best, but it was one of the first impressive (for the time especially) CGI intros, and CGI and anime intros came around the same time, unless you count crappy stuff like what the Ys series tried, which I wouldn't qualify as anime.

Again, I never gave an opinion one way or the other about RE2 or FFVIII, but they are not new games. However, I will give an opinion that FFVIII's intro (are you even sure what intro means? It's not the overall presentation throughout the game.) is better than FFVII, IX, X and XII.

Also, to be blunt, if you consider MGS4 intro to be poor, you either never played the game, are not a fan of the series, or have bad taste. You are entitled to your opinion on the matter, of course, but in this case I completely disagree.

Again, I will say I don't agree with the list completely (of the newer games on the list MGS4 and UC2 are probably the only two that belong). However, I will also say, for the most part the list isn't that bad, especially compared to some of the ridiculous lists submitted as articles.
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the_kutaragi_baka  +   1791d ago
cod 4 really?
fail list is fail.

heres the Legend of Dragoon Intro? one best ever!
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sashimi  +   1791d ago
haha I was thinking the samething :P
sashimi  +   1791d ago
Legend of Dragoon comes to mind.
Danielmccue  +   1791d ago
What about legacy of kain: soul reaver?

"Tumbling, burning with white hot fire, I plunged into the depths of the abyss. Unspeakable pain, relentless agony, time ceased to exist. Only this torture and a deepening hatred of the hypocrisy that damned me to this hell. An eternity passed and my torment receded, bringing me back from the precipice of madness. The descent had destroyed me. Yet, I lived."

Best dialogue ever!

man that game scared the shugar out of me when i was a kid.
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Ninver  +   1791d ago
1. MGS2
2. MGS4
3. MGS3

Fuck! i need a MGS collectors edition asap.
edub1026  +   1791d ago
Soul Blade for PS1 is one of my favorite intros.
That was before all this Hi-tech tomfoolery.
NJShadow  +   1791d ago
LAME list. While those intros were incredible, they almost COMPLETELY ignored intros on the PSOne and PS2. Uh, does anybody remember Gran Turismo 2?
zackacloud  +   1791d ago
where that child who just disagree ??????????
Dagobert  +   1791d ago
MGS4 and FFVIII, can't go wrong with them. They had a pretty epic intro. Like no homo, but watching the MGS4 intro was orgasmic.
Wolf873  +   1791d ago
Dead Space.....Bayonetta!? Seriously? If we are going back as far as PSX era, then do include this in there. One of the better intro with great musical score: Soul Reaver 1
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Munky_VIII  +   1791d ago
Was expecting more classic PS1/2 games on this list :S
SillyBastid  +   1791d ago
Demons Souls should have definitely been there! The intro is so incredible, with the amazing music and the great subtitles... not to mention the great CGI!
oliverasadi  +   1791d ago
no DMC3..... Lets Rock!
CaptainPunch  +   1786d ago
Spryo the Dragon!

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