Microsoft handing out arcade titles

All the recent success with Halo 3 has put Microsoft in a giving mood as the software giant is, for the second time this year, giving away free Xbox Live Arcade games.

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OatLoops4089d ago

Nothing better than free stuff. Microsoft sure knows how to spread the love sometimes.

Bolts4089d ago

How about spreading the love by giving out some free content that isn't crap? Like map packs and other retail downloadables. I'm tired of being nickled and dimed by a "premium" service that isn't premium at all.

wil4hire4089d ago

Microsoft better get their phalanx ready.

jack who4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

this was after their last free Xbox Live Arcade game killed xbl for lets do sum maths

halo 3 + free Xbox Live Arcade game + Xbox Live =?

DZNetworks4089d ago

Could these be part of the games that they are offering in the xbox live arcade package anyway? Pacman and Tetris are already confirmed.

OatLoops4089d ago

"the most active Xbox LIVE gaming day in history"?

Marceles4089d ago

they gave me Joust and Robotron for free yesterday

WilliamRLBaker4089d ago

the article doesn't give the link to the form to fill out for this free goodness.

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