Super Drunk Boy – The World’s Worst Drinking Game (Videos)

Meet Clement. Clement likes to make let’s play videos. Clement is also rather good at Super Meat Boy. However, when you combine Super Meat Boy with St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans… things can only go wrong.

***Part 2-5 and the aftermath videos on RipTen***

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CrzyFooL2139d ago

god bless this crazy bastard!

-Mezzo-2139d ago

LOL, i would never think of doing something like this.

TheRealMorganWebb2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Hurry guys come comments

Kreyg2139d ago

getting drunk and playing super meat boy just seems like a bad idea for someone like me.

Nostradavis2139d ago

I played this game last night. Wait, maybe it was last week. I don't remember. It was good though. Or maybe it was bad...

DufferO82139d ago

these paddy day videos are starting to annoy me

Masterchef20072139d ago

Oh wow now that is just sad........

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