Top 10 Games That Should Have Been Finished

GamerNode's Anthony LaBella writes: With the countless number of great games released every year, sometimes it can be easy to forget what could have been. Every now and then, though, a promising game will go through development hell and end up being canceled, disappointing those who were eagerly awaiting that game's release. Not all of the entries on this list have been officially canned, but their status at least remains in limbo. Not all hope is lost on these titles, though. Duke Nukem Forever has showed us that keeping hope alive can still pay off.

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Murpho2596d ago

Good list. Though I'm pretty sure Beyond Good and Evil 2 is in development. Last I checked it was just going to take a long, long time for it to get finished. The release of Beyond Good and Evil HD was probably a means rebuild interest for a sequel reveal.

italianbreadman2596d ago

Earthbound 64 is my #1 from that list

greggaliffa2596d ago

Agreed. I thought after they released Super Smash Bros. with Ness they would definitely bring out something.

italianbreadman2592d ago

SOMETHING. Yeah, a Japanese-only sequel on GBA. :-(