Pro Evolution Soccer 2008: Eurogamer First Impressions

Just three weeks to go. Still, if you can't wait that long for a taste of the full game, fear not, as Eurogamer have just returned from a four-hour playtest of the latest (approx 90% complete) PS3 code. We did try the 360 code, but bafflingly, the shoot and pass controls insisted on defaulting to the trigger buttons, making any kind of dissection virtually impossible. So without further delay, let's get to it...

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Rama262854092d ago

I've already pre-ordered my copy after playing the demo on XBL. I wish they'd hurry up with the demo on PSN cause I'm planning to buy it for my PS3 and want to see what it's like on it first.

I haven't managed to pull off the new 'dive' feature yet either, although I have seen the AI use it against me a few times (but always resulted in a yellow card). I wonder if you can actually 'cheat' with it?

I personally also thought the graphics weren't that bad when compared to Fifa 08. Fifa just seems a bit more shiny.

yaf4092d ago

is going to get owened with this game

PopEmUp4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

This game really show what football is really about, Fifa08 have been improving over the years so around the next 2 years or so fifa is catching up to PES, so PES must need to improve it contents such as putting some trick to it or extras like music better commentary or else it a lot of trouble when FIFA will reached to the sage where the gameplay between FIFA and PES 08 is alike, PES is more likely to loose

Bebedora4092d ago

If they follow the same mantra as with NHL, so has the quality in the product never caught up with EA since NHL 97. And I think EA will sure make great improvments but in 15fps at some points, and those kind of shortcomings.

Then the mass will say, this will EA fix in next years FIFA. It will own so much! - I think not. EA has so low thoughts about the users and gets away with it I find it tragicomic. PES ftw.

SWORDF1SH4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

im not sure about this review. he said fifa went for realism this year and he said pro evo was more arcady than realism. in fifa the passing is slow and awkward and completin a pass is difficult to complete even more so when the oppisition applies a little bit of pressure or when your in the final third, also the players dont feel like a individual. one example is that for man united, tevez can be swapped for carrick and you wouldnt feel any differance. only star players like ronaldinio and rooney felt a little differant coz of the individual trick (where a star player will have his unique trick and is to complecated to pull off in a match to have any effect) and they also have better dribbling. pro evo still feels like every player is unique and has a mor effective trick system and is more of a simulation of football than fifa. also the players likeness's are better than fifa shiny plastic look. also in fifa only the big players have good likness's and pro likeness's run straight throught the team from goalkeeper to striker.

squelchy154092d ago

pro evo will win...hands down
yeah fifa may have the licensing and stuff, but pro evo feels more fluid with better A.I and gameplay,
A.I is something they seriously need to improve in fifa, i much times have u passed the ball to your teammate only for him to stand there not making any effort at all to catch it while a player from the other team runs for it and intercepts it...EA say that each player makes around 1000 decisions per second....well it looks like they missed that one out

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