Bulletstorm reviewed in the language of Bulletstorm at

Bulletstorm reviewed in the language of Bulletstorm. Not for the easilly offended.

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Brash_Attack2627d ago

Funny idea, but it's mostly just lines from the game thrown into a review.

ATiElite2627d ago

So much hype with so little hope as the week one sales figures were worse than Killzone 3. Bulletstorm sucks. looks good but has no value after 10 minutes of game play.

the review just pulled a bunch of corny one liners from Bulletstorm which is NO WAY in the same league as Duke Nukem.

Val1s2627d ago

I'm not too funny in this review, just very sweary.....just like the game.

gorebago2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

It's better to try and fail than it's never to try at all. Not saying you failed though. Murder boner.

Val1s2627d ago

Thanks. That means a lot to me...and my dick.

Highlife2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

So it will sound like an IDIOT!

*nothing personal just didn't like the comentary of the game.

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