The Simpsons Game Demo Gameplay Video

Bartman and Homer take down the menace that is Lard Lad in this awesome montage from the demo on PS3.

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Douchebaggery4088d ago

but after playing the demo it seems like i'm setting myself up for disappointment

Baba19064088d ago

looks so much fun =D cant wait.

sandip7874088d ago

i havent downloaded this demo yet. is it rubbish?

Rama262854088d ago

It's not 'rubbish', but it's not exactly the best game out there either. I feel like it's been well done, but after playing the demo for a while it seemed to get a bit boring to me. You seem to get the same comments repeated after a little while.

sandip7874088d ago

cheers man, i might download just to see what its like...

thetoy4088d ago

No 360 demo... looks to be only on PS3

Scythesean4088d ago

I enjoyed it, also it's coop so if you have a friend you both can play the demo just press the start button in the game. Pretty cool

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The story is too old to be commented.