Gamers' Voice: School Shooter HL2 Mod "gratuitous purely for sake of controversy"

The video gaming advocacy group Gamers’ Voice have condemned the School Shooter: North American Tour 2012 mod for Half Life 2 as “morally reprehensible”, as well as speaking of their frustration at the damage such examples do to their attempts to show video gaming to be “an intelligent, thought provoking and artistic medium.”

Yesterday, BeefJack ran an excerpt from our forthcoming interview with Paul Gibson, Chairman of Gamers’ Voice, in which he described how combatting media scare stories about video gaming left the organisation feeling “like we’re hitting our heads against a brick wall sometimes”, but that the games industry sometimes did itself no favours.

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wallis2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

a) I'd never heard of this mod until they brought it to my attention.

b) It's a mod. It's not a product of the 'games industry', just the creation of some guys with too much time on their hands.

c) So what? They can make movies about school shootings but games are a no go? How come movies can get away with stuff like 'I spit on your grave' and 'A serbian movie' but games can't contain that kind of content? There's always going to be sick stuff on the fringes of any creative medium that people make for the lurid enjoyment of a select few, providing it's not directly harming anyone... get over it.

Ravenor2625d ago

Unfortunately some people don't seem to realize this isn't something you'll be picking up at any local store or Digital Distribution service beyond a link on a webpage.

You cant control what people make with your stuff.