Blu-ray will give birth to the second coming of Christ: Sony pushes the rays

If there's one thing Sony knows how to do, it's a crazy advertising campaign. It's something of a shock then that the new campaign is actually quite tame. Sony is going back to its schizophrenic marketing by pushing the Blu-ray capabilities of the PS3 above its games, because it's not just high definition - it's higher definition!

When is Sony going to realise that real gamers just don't care about Blu-ray? Superior visuals have not been a deciding factor in the past several console wars. If they were, then the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 would never have been so successful. Gamers go where the games are, it's as simple as that.

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Rikitatsu4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

Since when Bluray offers superior graphics only ?

it allows for more data to be stored , more Cut-scenes , More sounds , etc ..

just look at lost odyssey for 360 , 4 DVDS !!!!!!! if lose one of them , the whole game will become useless

MADGameR4092d ago

Plz do not involve Christ's name in video games. Because games are anti-holy.

jaja14344092d ago

So if you lose 1 of the 4 the game becomes useless. Like how if you scratch the BR disc, though admittedly somewhat hard but still possible, then your saying the game wont be useless then?

Over even better, the ever famed FF7, it came on 4 Disc. If it didn't bother you then, why would it bother you know.

That said, sure only having 1 disc would be nice, but have to change 4 once every isn't exactly hell on Earth either.

REbirth4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

i would love to play FF7 again:( but the 2nd cd is completely scratched... and my FF8 it's the 3rd one...still i have some saved games...but will never be able to complete again the story...

Eidolon4092d ago

Exactly like Rikitatsu said, since when was blu-ray about superior visuals? PS1 and PS2 were the first consoles to show new game storage media in their corresponding generations and they both were the most successful consoles.

WilliamRLBaker4092d ago

so i guess a cd system had never been released before right?

cooke154092d ago

makes me wonder how ps1 owners survived with multiple disc games.. :|

Siesser4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

or five and a half inch floppies, for that matter...

It's just something that makes things easier. No one's saying other ways don't work; just not as well.

scriptkiddie4092d ago

It would be nice if they put this much effort into developing great games!

Did sony forget this is a games console.

You know this is probbly why microsoft want's to keep the format war going, because sony is so busy pushing blu-ray that they are forgetting about getting great games.

Siesser4092d ago

Sony's making plenty of good games.

And lest we forget, Sony is more than just a video game console, much like Microsoft does more than make the Xbox. If you really think that they're pulling game developers off of projects to go tinker with blu-ray instead, I'd have to say I believe you're mistaken. They have film studios, music labels, and all kinds of electronic lines to worry about; not just the Playstation. My reciever, camcorder, and tv all say Sony on them, and not out of some blind fanboyism or anything; they just make a wide variety of good products. And I wouldn't begrudge them for wishing to continue to do so. As a poster above said; every single PS has used and standardized a "new medium", be it CDs or DVDs, when it came to game useage. So this really shouldn't be anything new to anyone.

And I'm really confused by all of the aggression. Everyone keeps saying they don't want a Blu-Ray player, but would rather they focus on the games. They put out games that the nay-sayers say are horrible. So you don't want the system for its games, you don't want it for its alternative uses, and you think the price is atrocious...what in the WORLD is there to be angry about? Just don't buy one and go about your business peaceably.

synce4092d ago

Gamers may not care about Blu-ray, but HDTV owners do. If you don't own an HDTV you probably shouldn't be looking at the PS3 anyway. Go buy a Wii you poor SOB.

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