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Microsoft shows off future graphic tech for Xbox 360

Gamersmint: Microsoft’s developing new technology for Xbox 360 which uses a system called Mega Meshes that will be supporting tessellation units of Xbox 360 and will increase the polygon count and level of detail by a huge margin for upcoming Xbox 360 exclusives. (Game Developers Conference, Microsoft, Project Milo, Xbox 360)

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psb  +   1594d ago
Looking good
and I won't be surprised if Project Milo turns out to be more than a tech demo and gets converted into a full-blown Kinect title. If this presentation is anything to go by, Lionhead's def not done with this game for sure.
MAJ0R  +   1594d ago
keep in mind that it's a tech demo which usually don't look as good as the actual game
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GrieverSoul  +   1594d ago
Its a Tech Demo but it shows what improvements are possible when using the same hardware. Its these improvements they show how skilled the devs are and how future proof the current consoles are.
WhittO  +   1594d ago
Looks good, mainly for jaggies being nowhere in sight.

Have to say though those rocks don't look impressive at all and is prob something you can find on a new tablet device lol, but it is just a tech demo.

Plus, it prob won't be able to keep up that standard of AA etc when AI etc is added.
captain-obvious  +   1594d ago
its the new engine lionhead is making
Ive heard that they'll use it for Milo
a08andan  +   1594d ago
I agree with you. The demo looks great but there is NO interaction with anything. Just a camera that moves around. Once you add destructibility or some other form of interaction, pick up, move an object, jump onto an object etc, the processing power required is vastly increased.
sjaakiejj  +   1594d ago
"a tech demo which usually don't look as good as the actual game"

I'm sure you know, but it's the other way around. It's the actual game that usually doesn't look as good as the tech demo.
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Vherostar  +   1593d ago
Tech demos though I mean look at the FFVII tech demo and how good that looked on ps3. Not even uncharted looked that good. Lets just move on MS only cares about Kinect now.
crxss  +   1593d ago
looks no different than what's currently out there now...
pixelsword  +   1593d ago
Pedobear is pleased

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lil Titan  +   1593d ago
it cool if its for the kinect but if thats something for a 360 game im disappointed smh but its not like ill be playing it lol
KingME  +   1593d ago
I was wondering how long it was going to take for the jealous haters to rear their ugly heads...lol
lil Titan  +   1593d ago
not jealous, not a hater, and God knows im not ugly but it seems as if no one can take a little joke smh. i swear if i insult your system either PS3, 360 or PC its like im insulting your religion or something...GROW UP its an object that brings you nothing more than entertainment to your miserable what you call life
hiredhelp  +   1593d ago
Thankyou MAJOR you just saved me from saying the same thing. the same trap s always used to fool people they fall for it everytime.
Inside_out  +   1593d ago
Milo demo...
Same tech as the Milo demo seen here in it's entirety before it was cancelled as M$ ASKED Peter not to make it a game...


Obviously, there was a lot of time and money spent on this " demo " and you can bet that it will end up in a game, maybe we will see it at E3.

BTW...M$ asked Peter to demo this for Epic...Hmmmm...wonder why???
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kikizoo  +   1593d ago
"jealous haters"

lol, you are probably talking about a poor guy without console, because wii boyz are not really interested by graphisms, and ps3 boys have better, and more each years.
livinwitbias  +   1593d ago
@Lil Titan & kikizoo, funny thing is you claim not to be there jealous hater, yet you responded in kind.

Perhaps you should use the "if the shoe fits" analogy.
inveni0  +   1593d ago
There is always a loss in visual fidelity from tech demo to full production. PLUS, this comes from Lionhead...there's a lot of smoke in Lionhead's studio.
Active Reload  +   1593d ago
So what if this is a tech demo? It seems to me they're going in the same direction that iD is going. Rage is the only game I see that's running and looking as good as this. We'll see though...
rroded  +   1593d ago
n/m ms
Looks like the nwo is about ta fry?


ps upload the vid if u can got a fealing it will go poof soon lol
nickjkl  +   1593d ago

actually ff13 came pretty close to that with in engine cutscenes

gameplay not so much

but with some optimizations it could be closer

mostly talking about physics of cloth hair and flowers not the actual character models textures or animations

also infamous 2 seems o surpass ff7 techdemo
lil Titan  +   1593d ago
@livinwitbias who else above me was talking harshly against the 360 then? its not if the shoes fit they can fit anyone but those pair were bought just for me mistakenly smh another fanboy you are
Bigpappy  +   1594d ago
Looks great. Gears 3 look great too by the way.
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The_Ultimate_Guy  +   1594d ago
Gears 3 has the best graphics this gen.

Can't wait.

If only some of the flagship titles on other competing consoles could give the kind of gameplay that Gears has given. Oh well, sales tells the whole story. Those who like the game buy the game.
MAJ0R  +   1594d ago
then COD must be the best game ever according to ur logic
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ZeroX9876  +   1593d ago
Man, having CoD with best game in the same sentence, shouldn't even be possible!
but yeah, sales doesn't mean a game is great. A lot of my friends aren't big gamers, but they bought COD. it's easy to play, more arcade unlike maybe Killzone or battlefield and Modern Warfare set the popularity bar very high, so any COD that comes out after is popular.
The_Ultimate_Guy  +   1593d ago

Sales is a tool used to measure demand. The higher the sales, the greater the demand. People vote with their wallets what they feel is best worth their hard earned money.

Demand for CoD is greater than Demand for say Killzone 3.

Thus to the masses that make up the total FPS consumer base demographics, CoD was worth their money over other FPS titles. How great a game is "TO YOU" is personal preference that cannot be measured. However sales is a measurement of what the MARKETS personal preference is which CAN be measured.

So YES, the CoD franchise is one of the greatest franchises in gaming history indicated by sales. Each MW COD game that sells well is an indicator that people want to continue playing those games over other titles.

Your ignorance must be blissful.


"sales doesn't mean a game is great. A lot of my friends aren't big gamers, but they bought COD. it's easy to play"

So your friends chose to pick up CoD for the simple reason that it's easy to play over other FPS titles....HELLO!!! That is an indicator that the CoD game was worth their money because they felt it was a game that was a pick up and play. CoD then was "greater" than other titles in their eyes which is why the bought it.
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JBaby343  +   1593d ago
@ The_Ultimate_Guy - Your argument is flawed. While demand can be somewhat estimated by sales, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's what consumers thought was most worth their money and chose that over other titles. I've talked to too many people who don't follow video games closely (most people don't spend time on video game sites) and know nothing except franchises like COD and Halo so their ignorance buys those games; Not the quality of those titles. It's not that they chose COD over KZ2 or 3, or the Battlefield series, or Resistance, etc. They bought it because they don't even know the other games exist. You have to take that into consideration and that's why sales is a poor judge of quality and even demand.
Sono421  +   1593d ago
EXACTLY Jbaby took the words right out of my mouth, My friends arn't big gamers but they own the console and they literally only know call of duty, When I told them I bought Killzone 3 they said "whats that?" I let them play it, now one of them sold BO and got KZ3 and the other just went and bought KZ3. Its pretty much ignorance that keeps it going not quality. And possibly little kids.
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baodeus  +   1593d ago
@Jbaby343, Sono421, The Ultimate Guy

So here is a suggestion on how we can differentiate between quality and popularity (base on majority): If you guys agree that is.

1. Sells = popularity
2. Rating = quality

So now let compare these games together (highest sells + highest rating of the franchise this gen):

1. Halo3 (+10mil, 94), CoD: MW (+10mil,94), KZ2 (+3mil,91)
2. Gears 1 (+5mil, 94), UC2: (~3-5mil, 96), MGS4: (+5mil, 94)
3. GT5: (+5mil, 84), Forza 3: (~3-4mil, 92)
4. FF13: (+5mil, 83), ME2: (+1mil, 96), Elderscroll Oblivion (??, 93), Fable2: (~3-4mil, 89), DS: (+1mil, 89)
5. Mario galaxy 2: (???, 97), LBP: (+3mil, 95), R&C: (???,89)
6. GTA4: (~7-10mil, 98), RDR: (+5mil, 95)

So as you can see, sold is mostly depends on the popularity of the games (halo, FF, GT, GTA, MGS), but on average, higher rated new IP games tend to also sell well. People may not be as ignorant as you guys may think right Jbaby343?
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kikizoo  +   1593d ago
Who can disagree with nalyd nolat facts ? it's incredible how delusional they are..

like this "Gears 3 has the best graphics this gen."

the guy just forget to add "on 360".
Maddens Raiders  +   1594d ago
New tech coming to the 360 -
...isn't that a bit of an oxymoron? Yes, and my question in rhetorical. Apologies.
Shane Kim  +   1594d ago
I really can't see this happen. But I agree with a08andan. No interaction at all. It's just like the FF games from PS1 era with pre-rendered backgrounds wich looks great, but characters and fights that don't match.

Similar with this.
SkyGamer  +   1593d ago
and the ps2 era. FFx-2 cutscenes looked great but poor little jaagied yuna. I wouldn't talk too much of prerendered scenes. sony uses this tactic a lot, ahem uc and kz series.
Blackdeath_663  +   1593d ago
they should have announced this earlier this year if they were really serious about it. i mean if i was microsoft the first thing i would have done is announce this tech cus they have nothing else to offer for this year and they are pretty weak compared to ps3's game line up. i would much prefer it if they leave this tech for the next xbox (720?) rather than use it now
likedamaster  +   1593d ago
The lighting was pretty nice, especially in that last shot.
frostypants  +   1593d ago
I'll always be skeptical after their claims for what Alan Wake would look like vs. how it ended up.

Great game, but man did they fall short of their graphical promises.
Big_L  +   1593d ago
Look at how blurry it is, and look at how low resolution everything but the water is

See, a game like oblivion would look great like this. But why are people bringing up gears? If they came out with a shooter like this I would throw it in the trash.

Over use of the bloom effect on lighting to make everything blurry doest equate to good graphics
Mizz_mai  +   1593d ago
....sigh,this is just shows how many people havent played uncharted 2,or god of war 3.
Plus this "tech demo" is from none other than Lionhead studios aka microsofts main mouth piece (besides greenberg&nelson) if i had a pound or dollar for each broken promise they've made....
strifeblade  +   1593d ago
ive played both, god of war's graphics are overtrated, take off your fanboy goggles and smell the coffee kid

broken promises? what about sony's promise of party chat? oh wait didnt happen ... burn

im no xbox fanboy and i think these images are crap, nothing special, but xbox is still my console of choice
Mizz_mai  +   1593d ago

first of all spouting anti-sony nonsense when your name is strife blade is just FAIL...

Wether you feel the graphics in G.O.W 3 and UC2 are overrated,it is a fact that nothing on the 360 even comes close....if it wasnt for cry babies like you microsoft wold probably have done something about it

And how important is cross game chat when PS3 owners actually have a deluge of 1st party exclusives to play each year....??

And your really going to compare sony's intergrity to microsofts,lionhead/moleneux to be specific your an idiot
Lykon  +   1593d ago
hmmm yes it's only a tech demo, maybe they could make it into a full game, maybe something with cute animals and motion sensing arm flapping cam fun! Rad
Megaton  +   1593d ago
Looks good, but... I dunno. There are probably games on consoles right now that look as good if not better than this. When I think "future tech demo", I think a new leap in graphics, like what Epic showed. Not this.
ps3destroyer  +   1593d ago
Keep in mind that for ps3 fanboys even 23 billion of polygons aren't enough. Because if it's not on the ps3 it fails right?
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Tachyon_Nova  +   1594d ago
Those screens are so blurry they hurt my eyes, especially the foliage heavy ones.

If this is all about increasing polygon counts, why is the only round thing there so polygon deficient?
Shaman  +   1594d ago
Its blurry because its screen capture taken from yt video.
Raendom  +   1594d ago
So true. That rubber ring should be nice and smooth. This doesn't look really at all different to anything else on 360 to me, just in a pretty environment with nice sunshine doesn't make it good graphics...
tdogchristy90  +   1594d ago
Interesting. I wonder what this will mean for the longevity of the console.
BakedGoods  +   1594d ago
Microsoft wants us to GET OUR WALLETS READY!!
Led-Zeppelin  +   1594d ago
Xbox 720 is probably going to get pushed back 2 or 3 years now.
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DigitalHorror81  +   1594d ago
Please tell me they're not going to call it that. Is the 3rd one going to be called the "1080" and launch with a Snowboarding/Skateboarding game? PLEASE tell me this is not the case.
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Xfanboy   1594d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
EliteDave93  +   1594d ago
Looks good :O
Cartesian3D  +   1593d ago
15 FPS , completely 2D trees (they turn around when they move the camera) , one source of lighting (no multiple source)

I dont want to be a troll ..it looks good but it wont help games, because with 15 FPS nobody can play a game, without interactivity,AI,realtime events all games in 360 will look this good and even better.
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theonlylolking  +   1594d ago
This looks good(better than gears and halo graphics). I do not like how everything glows but the AA is really good.
pompeymassive  +   1594d ago
This is hilarious!!
enkeixpress  +   1594d ago
Hmmmm... teh pics were taken from a YouTube video, where can I see it?
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cyborg  +   1594d ago
the video is private and hence you can't
unless someone makes it public or re-uploads it or MS decides to release it.

Be patient.
theonlylolking  +   1594d ago
Here it is.


edit: someone already posted it =(
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Redgehammer  +   1593d ago
Thx for the link. I love the stylized take on reality. I found that to be beautiful and can't wait to see the tech implemented in my 360. This must be the kind of stuff Corrinne Yu was talking about in this http://ecn.channel9.msdn.co...
Warning: video is 37 minutes long, but is a great interview.
Paladz  +   1594d ago
It looks just like an animated movie doesn't it?

Pretty cool, even if it's just Xbox graphics :D
DigitalHorror81  +   1594d ago
The great thing about this is that the running time of two minutes and ten seconds only fills up one disc.
bennj  +   1594d ago
enkeixpress  +   1594d ago
Ah.. Thankies :)
citan  +   1594d ago
That looks really nice. But hey, what exclusives?
Redgehammer  +   1593d ago
Here are the ones we know about
Gears of War 3: Epic Games
Captain Blood: SeaWolf 1C Company
Kingdoms: Crytek
1XR: Infinite Games
Battle for Atlantis: Game Factory Interactive Play Ten Interactive
Chrome 2: Techland
Demons of Mercy: MAXUM Games
Dungeon Hero: Firefly Studios Gamecock Media Group
Huxley The Dystopia: Webzen Games
MechWarrior: Piranha Games, Smith & Tinker
Prey 2: Human Head Studios 2K Games
Samurai Shodown: Sen SNK
The Shadow of Aten: Silicon Garage
Super Star: Studio9Nine
Versus Tactical Action: Arc System Works

Blacktric  +   1593d ago
Nice list but Prey 2 is also coming for PS3 (according to Bethesda).
citan  +   1593d ago
I asked about games, not lists of titles.
Syaz1  +   1594d ago
i thought the vegetation was the strong point of the graphics. the rest looked ok, especially considering the age of the xbox 360.
Shaman  +   1594d ago
Take a look at furniture,chairs,bed etc. Look how round it is.Thats the point of this tech,everything is filled with "fake" polygons to give you much more natural look.

That video up there is running in real time on 360.
Vojkan  +   1594d ago
As PS3 owner I have to agree, it looks really nice.
DigitalHorror81  +   1594d ago
It does look really nice, but here's the problem. You add sound, you know---birds flying past and high resolution characters running around, cars driving by---and not only will the frame rate take a hit, but the graphics might as well. But I agree wholeheartedly. Very nice video for old tech. I'd like to see a successor to the 360 sometime soon.
Hanuman  +   1593d ago
The water did it for me. The transparency is beautifully done and the interaction with objects such as the pier looks friggin' awesome!
TheTruth89  +   1594d ago
I bet 1000€ that we will NEVER see a final product with this graphic :)
Vojkan  +   1594d ago
guigsy  +   1594d ago
Really? Cause I would've thought Lionhead would use it in their next game.
TheTruth89  +   1594d ago
Yeah, just like the Milo AI? lol, no way.
NeutralGamer  +   1594d ago
Fable 4 anyone?
NeutralGamer  +   1593d ago
Love the fact that I mention Fable 4 and so many people disagree with me...

Moments later this arrive:


And dont forget this is made by Lion Head Studios... Peter Molyneux old studio...
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horndog  +   1593d ago
@Truth 89
"I bet 1000€ that we will NEVER see a final product with this graphic :)"

and so your are hoping. ^^^^^^^ And what if??
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cochise313  +   1594d ago
This looks pretty good. Well if this is true then next gen consoles are pretty far away.
DelbertGrady  +   1594d ago
Interesting. I just hope they use it for more than Kinect titles :)
mcstorm  +   1594d ago
Wow just seen the video that was posted above and this looks amazing. If this is running on the 360 then it looks like there is still life left in the console. Now all we need MS is for you to show us some games at E3 using tech like this maybe Forza 4 and then hit us with some exclusive games that shows us the 360 is not being dropped for a new console.
scissor_runner  +   1594d ago
This will be the sole reason why new consoles are coming. Try running a real game on top of that.
bailoutbenny  +   1594d ago
Duplicate article:


How did this get approved?

As I said in the last article, who cares? Can we get a real next generation please?
cyborg  +   1594d ago
it's not a dupe
that only has text, this has pictures showing the actual stuff.
bailoutbenny  +   1593d ago
Perhaps you missed the link to the .pdf that has screenshots and explanations of the technology in the orginal article?
jokia005  +   1594d ago
these pictures remind me Uncharted 1.
good good
TheDivine  +   1594d ago
Nice backhanded compliment this looks as good or better than anything on ps3 but we have to see how it looks running with lots going on onscreen. I really hope they make fable 4 with this, love me some fable. This is the prob, ms needs engines built new for the 360.
horndog  +   1593d ago
^^^^^even better than UC2 i would say. The ps3 really has nothing on xbox360.

RIP ps3. The ps3 will always remind me of the little console that thought it could.
#19.2 (Edited 1593d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Ingram  +   1593d ago
^ Why there's so many 360 only users accusing people here of being PS3 fanboys, when it's full of the likes of you two up there, defending yourselves like an upside down kitten?

It looks good, but "better than anything on PS3"...? it must be a fucking joke.
Reminds me of Flower, that game looked good too, yeah.

RIP ps3, yeah, you wish...
strifeblade  +   1593d ago
gears 1 and 2 have better graphics than uncharted 1, get with the times.

lets tallk about how good crysis looks on the ps3... o wait it doesnt... burn.
CrimsonEngage  +   1594d ago
It's amazing what people can accomplish on old tech. Who would have thought 360 would be able to support tessellation!?

I hope that BF3 on 360 will use some of this tech.
captain_dl  +   1593d ago
The funny thing is that the 360 GPU has had support for tessellation from the get go. It's sad that developers are only now starting to program their engines to make use of it.
frostypants  +   1593d ago
Being able to support it and being able to make it work smoothly in a typical game world are two different things.

For example, the PS3 can pull off real time ray tracing. VERY impressive, until you realize that there's no way in hell to pull it off in a game, because just the effect eats up all the CPU cycles.
jden28  +   1593d ago
Well you are right in that X360 had hardware support for "TESSELLATION" from the beginning... but the key to why the X360 was so easy to program for and the reason it seamed to plateau was that the directx 10+ that x360 was built on locked out many of the systems actual hardware features...the developers that created forced unleashed revealed that many of the things that had to be hard coded on the ps3 and could be done on the X360 were locked out to them because of the need to go through the directx layer and they're inability to hard code the hardware... So Now under M$ new dev kit tools they're actually going to unlock hardware based tessellation and many other features of the X360 GPU....It will be interesting to see the outcome as basically the X360 has been artificially handicapped for the past 6 years and every developer knew it ...maybe thats why "CARMACK" keeps saying what he says.....
frostypants  +   1593d ago
"I hope that BF3 on 360 will use some of this tech. "

It won't. Too late in development.
kikizoo  +   1593d ago
Hopes every years, but...
LOLOLFFSA  +   1594d ago
Looks great. PS3 players here already to bash because they don't have the guts to say that the competition is not over yet. The style of that tech demo is horrible too..it looks like some Disney Pixar movie :D It demands to be converted into shooter or some rpg.
JAMurida  +   1594d ago
lol yeah, I was about to say the same thing on how it looks like some Pixar movie.
hellzsupernova  +   1594d ago
im glad theres more competition :)
competition breeds inovation which is always good. I was hoping the 360 wasnt done yet! and if this is anything to go by we might have a few years yet
Ingram  +   1593d ago
Of course the competition's not over, at least you admit they're somehow in the same category, both are great consoles and 360 still has the worldwide sales lead.

It's full of people here bashing PS3 because of this footage which makes no damn sense, I don't get where you see here people attacking 360.

It's saying that a tech demo tends to look worse when added models and IA? is that it? that's true for every graphic engine.
8thnightvolley  +   1594d ago
MS knws why are arnt pushing the console yet.. maybe is to still hv something to improve on the console at the ending time of the cycle.. took them a while to start making engines to push the hardware like sony did with ps3 on its exclusives.

not forgetting tessellation that they havnt even touch which the 360 supports, so in other words the 360 hasnt been maxed at at alll...its so easy to program for it u forget to fully utilize it, and think coz its easy u have done all u could.
#22 (Edited 1594d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
JAMurida  +   1594d ago
lol what??? I was literally laughing as I was "trying" to read what you had just said.
8thnightvolley  +   1594d ago
doubt u would son, common sense and English.. not a big commodity now are days...

its a plain as day..if u wanna debate so i can enlighten you 2d mind.. msg me ;)
#22.1.1 (Edited 1594d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(15) | Report
Holeran  +   1594d ago
he was typeing after a 12 pack is all.
SnakeMustDie  +   1594d ago
Tessellation is very demanding in performance. It is very obvious in the new DX11 cards. You shouldn't expect the 360 to increase it's graphics if they start using the tessellation. If they do, I expect more sacrifices in things like textures. Tessellation would only be necessary on next-gen consoles because of the tech inside the 360 and PS3 aren't powerful enough to utilize it properly.
#22.2 (Edited 1594d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Ingram  +   1593d ago
I'm trying to find the "Drunk as fuck" or "Retarded cocky child alert" button in the bubble down sub menu, but I think you shall be ok with "immature"
Kahvipannu  +   1594d ago
Looks really good.
Holeran  +   1594d ago
If you watch the video in hi def it looks fantastic. It would be great if 360 could start making games with this level of tech because it would extend the lifespan by a couple years.
hoops  +   1594d ago
Well this would be nice to see in Xbox60 games considering the GPU supports Tessellation. How much of it the use is another thing entirely. However saying that, its the only area where the Xbox360 has an edge over the PS3.
I always wondered WHY game developers never implemented it more in games.
MetalGearBear  +   1594d ago
LAWL!!!!! PS3 can handle any graphic tech.
jden28  +   1592d ago
Sure the ps3 could do tessellation..."BUT" it would be a software based tessellation as its not built into the hardware like it is in the X360....You know what that means...it means that although it could do it..it won't do it nearly as well as the X360 just like it "CAN'T" do FSAA as good as the X360 leaving it's developers to force implement MSAA to get rid of jaggies... IE less efficient and less effective...results are not what I would call a good outcome.
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gypsygib  +   1594d ago
Looks like the Milo Kinect demo without Milo.
IQUITN4G  +   1594d ago

That's definitely not what you expect to see from the 360. At least that's what some people on here would have you believe. As far as some are concerned, 360 isn't even have as impressive as PS3 at visuals and yet this tells a different story

Love some of the comments on here
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Krakn3Dfx  +   1593d ago
I dunno that it tells any story, take any of these mostly static scenes and put them up against a similar scene in Uncharted 1 or 2 and I think Uncharted will win from a technical and visual standpoint.

It's still good to see that even in the light of Microsoft seemingly casualizing the 360 due to success with the Kinect, they're still working on improving the visuals for the system.
IQUITN4G  +   1594d ago
I love all the "not impressive comments" i keep seeing.It's amazing what people tell themselves
Redgehammer  +   1593d ago
umm, you forgot to add "repeatedly" to the end of your sentence.
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