PSP Slim and Lite continues dominance in Japan

Weekly sales of Sony's PlayStation Portable in Japan have continued to maintain a hold over competing consoles for the period September 24 - 30, despite an overall drop in 175,000 units sold from the previous week.

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Cartesian3D3936d ago

all we need for selling a console is FFVII ... nothin more..

PSP sellin CrazY !! I will buy a slim one as soon as possible..for MGS:PO and FFVII cant wait for these games.... :)

nice_cuppa3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

ds will come back big.

oh and i think psp has a few million to catch up before people start throwing around dominance in Japan

PS360WII3936d ago

Metal Gear PO is out already. I got it for 20 bucks at Gamestop. It's okay but still would like a controler for it.

RBlaze3936d ago

The PSP does not dominate in Japan just because it has sold more in this period. It is a well known fact that the DS is dominating the handheld market in Japan. Mind, if the PSP sales keep holding above the DS, it will prevail

Dmack793936d ago

PSP is makin a COME BACK!

rblaze, since u r unable to understand the title, it means PSP continues to DOMINATE in SALES for JAPAN! morons!

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