LGC 2006: How Exclusive is Lost Planet?

1up investigated how 'exclusive' Lost Planet really is and they unearthed some rather interesting info.

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General4170d ago

I sure hope Lost Planet comes to PS3 Cause that game looks bloody amazing.

achira4170d ago

japanase developers should do the same as the american developers and should develope games only for ps3.

johnrichardandrew4170d ago

Eh? How many American developers code their titles exclusively for Xbox? Your wish is already fullfilled, Japanese developers already make almost all exclusive titles for PS2.

FeralPhoenix4170d ago

yes that's correct....I don't know what achira is talking about????

DC RID3R4170d ago

sony soldiers actually admitting that the 360 has some SIK IP's!!!!!


gnothe14170d ago

does that mean that the x360 stand a chance of getting DMC 4 or the new RESIDENT EVIL!!if theres a demand for it.going by that statement we can expect to see ALL of capcoms games cross platform dont you think!!

Loudninja4170d ago

Lost Planet may go to the PS3, and the 360 migy not see any pf PS3 exclusives

Dusk4170d ago

RE5 is already coming to the 360 and Capcom has talked about DMC4 as well. The door swings both ways.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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