Uncharted: Facial Work Trailer

IGN host a trailer for Uncharted - showing off the facial animation within the game.

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Dogswithguns4085d ago

It's gonna be an awesome game.

jackfatal4085d ago

what makes a game get perfect 10/10??

graphics should be the best out there!
gameplay should be the best out there!
story should be the best out there!
lenght should be the best out there!
value(replaying it again) should be the best out there!
sound should be the best out there!

now can someone dare and tell me any game this year including halo 3 has all these points??

the answer is simple NO!
then y we see games such as bioshock and halo 3 gets 10/10?? think about it and tell me!!

NOW back to topic!! i think this game should get 9/10 and above but i doubt it will be perfect!! in fact i think there is never perfect games because its always depend on people!!

ThaGeNeCySt4085d ago

Mass Effect, Uncharted, Bioshock, & NG: Sigma fit your criteria... back to the topic... i can't WAIT for this game...

Robin Thicke looks awesome as a video game character

sonarus4085d ago

the facial animation looks excellent. Not heavenly sword excellent but still one of the best out there. Another thing i didnt like about halo were the character animations especially during cur scenes the facial and character animation for every one except mchief offcourse was very fake lookin. Like last gen animations. This is one area i feel they should have improved

Ju4085d ago

IMO there should never be a 10/10. That would mean there is nothing coming in the future which could top that.

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