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TGH: Slam Bolt Scrappers Review

TGH writes: There’s this game that came out a few years ago where you stack interlocking blocks together to make complete lines. Yeah, it’s Tetris. Most people have played it at some point in their life and, for most of THOSE people, the game is just about perfect. How do you improve perfection? Well Fire Hose Games have decided to take a shot at it with Slam Bolt Scrappers, a game that combines Tetris’ block stacking with an exciting amalgamation of tower defense and beat-em up. Is it really possible to improve on an already amazing foundation? Let’s find out. (PS3, Slam Bolt Scrappers) 4.5/5

ShadyDevil  +   1566d ago
This game is great. A lot of fun to play and skill to master. I hate how there is no online though.
xiren187  +   1566d ago
i might pick it up later
DEADEND  +   1566d ago
I'm buying this in the morning, the wife will say something about wasteful spending lol. When it comes to games there's no such thing lol.
lpfisher  +   1566d ago
So true...lol.
blackburn5  +   1565d ago
I really liked the demo. I was interesting and frantic.I also wish they had online multiplayer. That would have been icing on the cake but I am still buying it anyway. Hoping that they add it later or something.

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