Worms Open Warfare 2: Pro-G Review - "Ahh the weapons"

Worms is particularly well suited to gaming on the go, especially mid-length journeys on the train or bus. WOW2 has made 30-minute train journeys to Pro-G HQ fly by like the wind. So, whether online Worms floats your boat or it's a nostalgia trip you're after, this is the Worms game to get. At £30, it's a bit pricey for what is essentially something not much different from the last game, but with online play, Worms Open Warfare 2 has to go down as the series' definitive version.

You can also buy new campaign, puzzle and time attack maps, and, best of all, new weapons. Ahh the weapons. For such a basic game, it's amazing how spectacular some of the weapons and explosions can feel. There's not much better than having a grenade land plum in the middle of two enemy worms when you've lobbed it from across the map.

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