Move-DualShock Combo Could Have Been a Reality

In its current form, the PlayStation Move is a fantastic piece of hardware, and while it might still have a way to go on the software side, the controller itself is remarkably precise and responsive. However, your living room can become pretty cluttered with all the peripherals that are needed to play every title, especially with multiplayer – wouldn’t it be easier if your DualShock 3 and Move were the same controller?

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BigPete79782626d ago

I would love to see it implemented, I just don't know how they would do it. And btw, that pic is hilarious.

TheLastGuardian2626d ago

I can't help but laugh at that pic. I think the navigation controller is what should've had a Move ball on it.

doctorstrange2626d ago

I'm glad ya liked my pic. MS Paint at its finest.

Elimin82626d ago

I want to know why they don't implement vibration function in the Nav. I assume it has vibration function but the focus seem to be only Move!

BigWoopMagazine2626d ago

I might agree Pete. Oddly enough while playing KZ3 campaign with the Move and Nav combo, I hold them so my hands touch at the knuckles. It helps steady the Move reticle, since I don't have a sharpshooter yet. Otherwise I have to use my knee. The only draw back to having it fixed is you can't do the rotate to reload, bashing for melee would be harder, etc. For many games it would be limiting, but for shooters it'd make it steadier.

dragon822626d ago

That thing is so ugly. LOL

decimalator2626d ago

I can't disagree with you there. It may have made sense to at least go down the path of what could a Dualshock add-on motion control device be like, but ergonomically it would have just been a nightmware. Much better as its own device, despite the extra clutter.

ftwrthtx2626d ago

That would have been awkward

Sev2626d ago

The move is kinda awkward now, but more so because it's the red-headed stepchild of the motion controllers. Nobody wants it.

fantasygamer2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Just because it wasn't given a 500 million dollar commercial/hype up doesn't mean no one wants it..

doctorstrange2626d ago

It can also be a blue-headed stepchild, pink-headed and any number of colours! Haha

Sev2626d ago

It's cool man. I own 3 of them, I just don't give a rats ass about them. The games just haven't been good enough yet.

Killzone 3 was pretty cool, just not enough for me for it to be the revolution is SHOULD have been. It's not the Move's fault, it's developers fault.

BigWoopMagazine2626d ago

Gotta agree there too Sev. That's why I'm so anxious for Sorcery. My favorite Move games so far have been Tumble and Echochrome 2, hah! Core games? Of course not!

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NBT912626d ago

Indeed especially if you used a DS3 as the nav aswell, you would be playing with 2 DS3 controllers and swinging one around lol 0.0

dopeboimagic922626d ago

I honestly think Sorcery isn't going to be a killer app, either. The Move still doesn't have a solid titles that everyone has to have.

doctorstrange2626d ago

It could have been great for the move - a far cheaper, easier to just plug it etc. Unfortunately, the pics make it look like they just couldnt make it work.

T3mpr1x2626d ago

That would make for a decent grip on the controller, but it's better that they went with the wand in the end.

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The story is too old to be commented.