Slam Bolt Scrappers: The Strange Rise of Fire Hose Games

“They call me the creative director, but most of the time I just surf the internet and watch Kevin Butler videos.” Eitan Glinert is a lively character with a quick tongue and a big smile, and the self-proclaimed “Fire Chief” of Cambridge-based developer Fire Hose Games.

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xtheownerzx2627d ago

These guys love there game and rightfully so!

Cat2627d ago

...And Eitan is a member on N4G, I wonder if I can get him to make an appearance here!

eitanglinert2627d ago

I'd say you have a pretty good chance of it Cat.

Something I've actually been kicking around with Cat is the idea of posting the design story behind the game here on N4G - actually getting into the nuts and bolts of each of the early designs for the game that DIDN'T make it, showing video, etc.

Would you guys want to see that? I honestly have no idea if people besides game dev nerds like me would be interested in seeing that.

snoop_dizzle2627d ago

That would actually be pretty interesting!

user94220772627d ago

Yeah, I'd definitely read that; game design is something I'm intrigued about; go for it.

Syko2627d ago

Well no way I can speak for all the members of N4G, but I will tell you that for me it is a big Hell Ya I would be interested.

I am always a fan of "behind the scene" type stories and I honestly can't recall many IF ANY stories that covered or discussed early designs that had to be left on the cutting room floor.

Plus a lot of gamers around here could use a bit more insight of what REALLY goes into making a game. IMO, Ha Ha.

Jellzy2627d ago


Just finished installing it and will hopefully get a chance to play it tonight! Just about to pop out to play footy now though... :(

Fortunately there are still gamers out there who are actually interested in the design elements of the games they play, praise and criticise.

Rynx2627d ago

it's out? how much is it? I'm intrigued!

doctorstrange2627d ago

Would love to see all the stuff Eitan, I'm a complete nerd when it comes to those kinda things


Murren2627d ago

I'd love to see that!

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Holeran2627d ago

Who on earth was in charge of this game not having online multiplayer? You just killed off at least half of the income potential in not designing it with that. This would of been a huge game for online multiplayer and you would of had a gigantic following with it. Unfortunately you guys are going to miss out on what could of been a cult followed game like Peggle and such.

Holeran2627d ago

At least comment if you are going to disagree with me. This is a natural game for online multiplayer and they left it out for some crazy reason.

eitanglinert2627d ago

Cool! Sounds like a lot of you would be interested in the design angle - I'll talk to Cat and some other N4Gers and see if I can make it happen. Stay tuned!

@Holeran: Sorry you're disappointed, that was my call. Basically we strongly believe that online multiplayer doesn't make sense for this game - if you want you can read a full article I wrote on the subject here:!5782200...

Or, if you want the tl;dr version: Online multiplayer can't hold a candle to same room couch play (says I!), and we wanted to focus our efforts around building an awesome "interacting with humans and the game" experience.

Holeran2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Unfortunately for me I have a wife and kids around me at all times. None of my boys old enough to even get an attachment onto a game like this and a wife that plays nothing but Bejewelled. I don't have enough free time with work to have friends over much so I play games like Peggle online a lot. It just seems to me like this game would work naturally as a online multiplayer with people pitting themselves against random others or friends or even to have a ladder system for people to play in and test themselves out against others. There is so much potential in this kind of play that is left untapped. You could of had couch play and online play as well, I just can't see the reasoning in leaving out the online even after reading the above article you refered me to. I know for a fact I am not the only one who feels this way. IGN for one slammed the game for not having online multiplayer as being criminal in today's age and rated it poorly based alot around that. I think their score is asinine but I do agree a couple points should be dropped because of lack of the feature. If this game had multiplayer with a ladder system I know you would have a great following and reap the rewards from it. Just confused really and heart broken after waiting for this game for as long as I did.

sobekflakmonkey2627d ago

I'm gonna be honest, I completely agree with Eitan, theres nothing like sitting with your friends on your couch IN PERSON playing video games, its a WAY better experience than online, and I really shouldnt have to explain why, and if you think I do, well then has to have been a while since you sat down with some friends, cracked a few beers and just played some games.

artsaber2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

With the video, and it has drawn my interest a great deal. I will definitely support you guys and buy this game on PSN. It is so great to see a team work so hard and achieve something great. Thank you for giving us all a snapshot in the creative process. Fire Hose appears to be a talented group that cares about making great games.

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