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PS3's Worst Exclusives That We Wish Never Existed

"No one can argue that Sony's PS3 is packed with some of the best games that have ever been released, much less released this generation. It looks like the library and variety is only getting better with every passing day. Let’s be honest though, not every title that hits the PS3 exclusively in North America smells like roses. A few of the games released here and there have blemished the reputation of the powerful PS3." (Genji: Days of the Blade, Haze, Lair, Last Rebellion, PS3, SOCOM: Confrontation)

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BeaRye  +   1668d ago
Why does Last Rebellion get such a bad rap? There aren't a lot of RPGs on the PS3. LR isn't that bad.
Godmars290  +   1668d ago
For what should have been a PS2 title? No its not.

Sadly, it was on the PS3. Something that was made all the worse because there were obviously better looking titles out before it.
Istanbull  +   1668d ago
Why do we always see such lists about PS3 but never about any other system? It just shows PS3 is the most known and superior console. Every publicity is good publicity, like Eazy-E said.


LAIR was a freagin good game, yes the controls are hard but once you figured it out its GREAT!

SOCOM: Confrontation was bad at launch, but after the dozen patches it got, its a solid 8/10 in my books!

Last Rebellion: Its not bad, but its also not good, its just mediocre. Like all the 360 rpg's out there like Last Remnant or Infinite Undiscovery. But when the PS3 gets a bad game, they're making it frontpage news and can't stop talking about it.
STK026  +   1668d ago
Lair was awful (at launch), the graphics were good, the sound was great, but the gameplay was awful, and what made it even worse, is when they said that Lair used the SIXAXIS because it couldn't be done without it, yet they released a patch allowing the game to be played without the SIXAXIS, proving that the mandatory SIXAXIS controls were only a way to push said SIXAXIS. I must admit I haven't played Lair since that update, so I can't judge the "final" game.

SOCOM confrontation was just as awful at launch, I still can't believe that the loading times weren't improved from the beta when the game launched; what's the point of having a beta if the biggest problem with the game isn't going to be fixed months after the game launched?

The only game on that list that was worth playing when I did (usually at launch) was Haze, thanks to the co-op. Not a great game, but playable and enjoyable in co-op.

Edit : sorry about Lair, I thought they said that before the release, but I could be wrong. And please don't call me lazy for not liking Lair.
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Daver  +   1668d ago

what are you talking about... they never said Lair could not be made without Sixaxis..

Personally, i enjoyed Lair a lot, still one of my favourite game but sure it was not perfect but it worked very well with sixaxis only people who are too lazy or people who listened to others without trying it found it was not worth it.
malamdra  +   1668d ago
I rather have have lots of exclusives and some of them bad than having 2 or 3 good exclusives per year
CameronL99  +   1667d ago
This is a recycled list from years ago, notice how old all these games are?
Jezuz  +   1667d ago
Istanbull, are you blind? There's list of everything on this site don't just weight it all on the PS3
lil Titan  +   1667d ago
SOCOM was trash
i didnt get to play Lair
Haze embarrassed itself
Genji was not that bad
and didnt get to play Last Rebellion but there need to be the same amount of RPGs on PS3 as there where on PS2. i actully need to go back and finish Rogue Galaxy
KeiserSosay4788  +   1667d ago

I played ff13 on ps3 and it was pretty weak, nothing against my ps3.....but a little game called Lost Odyssey smoked that game in my book, something you forgot to mention with the rest of those other mediocre RPGs....
Edit: plus...ff13 didn't have Mr. Uematsu....LO did....
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Godmars290  +   1667d ago
Seriously, have we - as in the whole of the Internet community - not gone on and on about how FFXIII either didn't deliver or isn't as bad as those who insist that it didn't deliver?

And WTF is the point of bringing up Lost Odyssey much less acting like FFXIII wasn't released on the 360 and the argument that started?

More to the point, why are you even bring up FFXIII or JRPGs in general?
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ButterToast  +   1667d ago

Jesus Christ! thank you! I really enjoyed Lair as well. I feel like if you got over the learning curve you enjoyed enjoyed the game. I played with motion controls and couldn't imagine playing it any other way!
TheDeadMetalhead  +   1667d ago
After buying Neptunia at launch, enjoying it and seeing it get ripped to shreds as much as Last Rebellion, I now feel compelled to try Last Rebellion. Especially since it's only $20 now.

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Vherostar  +   1667d ago
I think every console has a list like this the wii more so..
malamdra  +   1667d ago
there's so many exclusives that some are bound to suck

nobody even remembers Afrika, it's hard to believe there's a PS3 exclusive about taking pictures of animals
killcycle  +   1668d ago
I got Lair on release and for it's time i enjoyed it.
It was the first Ps3 game allowed to be played with the psp via Remote play.

Socom Confrontation suffered from a ton of bugs and daved data corruptions at launch but true fans of the franchise stuck with it and enjoyed it. It's a good game.

Haze freaking SUCKED
AAACE5  +   1668d ago
This goes along with what I said in the past about us forcing ourselves to like certain games because we want to believe they are good. But when we look back, we realize those games weren't good at all, they were just what we had to play at that time!

My idea of a good game is when you buy it, you have lots of fun with it. Several years later, you can still play it and get a few kicks out of it and you can probably get your friends to enjoy it as well!
Baka-akaB  +   1668d ago
"There aren't a lot of RPGs on the PS3. LR isn't that bad. "

Nope even then there were too many jrpgs , most good to even dare say that
darkziosj  +   1668d ago
last rebellion sucks major ass, theres some awesome jrpgs on the ps3 but dude that was awfull
TheDivine  +   1668d ago
Its HORRIBLE bro. It might seem ok because well you said it there are no good rpgs on the ps3 other than multis like ff13, eternal sonata, and star ocean 4. Ps3 really fell off hard this gen with jrpgs, the 360 has all the amazing ones. I cant comment on other games but sometimes games do get a bad rap like too human which i loved to death. I thought lair looked interesting myself.
playboi28  +   1667d ago
There are plenty of JRPG's on the PS3. A lot of them are NIS games like Hyperdimension Neptunia, Trinity Universe, Disgaea 3, etc. There are also games like Valkyria Chronicles, White Knight Chronicles, and others..
madjedi  +   1667d ago
@divine Wtf are you smoking, 360 has all the amazing ones, congratulations you have lost odyessy and dbz i mean blue dragon and what else exactly? The ps3 had a slow start with jrpgs this gen, "the ps3 fell off hard with jrpgs" lay off the drugs.

More like you fell on your head hard, and are forgetting that shooters are the dominant genre this gen.

A 360 jrpg gamer ,-_- yeah umm considering the number jrpgs your missing on the ps3, whatever stick to shooters and action adventure games on the 360, because you sure as hell aren't a jrpg gamer.

First time i ever ran to an idiot 360 gamer claiming the xbox has all the jrpgs, the very fact you exclude the many ps3 jrpgs tells me your full of sh^t.
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Marceles  +   1667d ago
Honestly none of those games were all that bad. They were only bad because they came out during a time when EVERY PS3 GAME had to be 11/10 or else it was a complete flop. Well...not Last Rebellion, but it's not like that many exclusive RPGs came out to begin with other than Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 3.
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ryan_s  +   1667d ago
the story wasnt that good but the fight was great idea and the graphics are bad and its short but i wouldnt say its the worst rpg on the ps3
vgchica  +   1668d ago
You haven't really played through the game then because Last Rebellion is horrible. There are plenty of decent RPGs (WRPG and JRPG) on the PS3 now.
Stealth20k  +   1668d ago
Orange  +   1668d ago
name some....what I mean is, I want to get a few. I've already played through Persona 3 and Persona 4 for the PS2 on my bc launch model, and loved both.

the only other jrpg i've picked up is Valkyrie Chronicles, which sadly i haven't given too much of a chance b/c i found the cut scenes to be overly wordy and long (yes, I know it's a jrpg). i'm interested in ME2, but cannot stomach shelling out $55 when the xbox version is selling for $20.
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mandf  +   1668d ago
Socom wasn't bad. It was a decent game. People just love to hate on it.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1668d ago
When it first came out it was terrible, so many issues. With patches though it become much better. I enjoyed it even though i was terrible at it.
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Emilio_Estevez  +   1668d ago
Have not played any of these, probably won't now.
Red_Phoenix  +   1668d ago
I have never even heard of the last 2.
Dagobert  +   1668d ago
Is Last Rebellion really bad? I don't care about the graphics of that game that much but is the storyline any bad?
Corrwin  +   1668d ago
If those are the worst exclusives, then the PS3 has a fairly decent library of games.

At worst these games are average or uninspired, and at best you could call them niche.

I quite liked Lair, and despite a patch allowing you to use the thumbsticks, I still used the six-axis. It's the best dragon game since Drakan: Order of the Flame.

I think the author of the article is one of those people that measure games on a 7-10 scale. Anything below that is automatically THE WORST GAME EVAH!!
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Krakn3Dfx  +   1668d ago
They could redeem Haze in a well done sequel, felt like a game pushed in development and testing, I could see a game where the mechanics from Haze would work and succeed, it just didn't happen this time.

Also, having only 5 games that could be considered for this list actually says great things about the PS3. There are a boatload of amazing exclusive titles on the system, and many more coming out this year.
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Frak  +   1668d ago
check out these two 360 exclusives and tell me HONESTLY which one has the WORST.

Over-G Fighters

Hour Of Victory
TheDeadMetalhead  +   1667d ago
Godmars290  +   1668d ago
I don't wish they didn't exist, I wish the actual time a thought was put into them that they deserved. Especially Lair, which suffered as a launch window title.
mastiffchild  +   1668d ago
Lair is the classic case of the media fastening onto a flawed game and projecting all their, rightful in some ways, at the time, hatred for Sony's PS3 launch arrogance(HS was another, actually good game that suffered nit picking madness imho). Fact is the biggest issue with the game is no patched so those who didn't get the motion controls can use "classic" stick flight which is both easy and enjoyable for all gamer skill levels to my eyes.

Given my head I'd ask Sony to re-relase Lair with a patch or two-one with trophy support and one addressing the other issue I felt plagued the game badly-getting turned round and confused. Patching in a radar/minimap(calling it a dragon sense or something would work)feature for flying etc. Sure, you COULD work on the visuals a little but they still stand up to 90% of current games anyway and the inclusion of ~Lair on this kind of list just smacks of LAZY to this gamer.

LR, sadly, was a VERY weak game for my money and Genji they're entirely right about, sadly.

Which brings me to Haze. Criticizing it AS a PS3 exclusive is the bone of contention for me when all it's issues(bar the AWFUL in house writing-seriously, how did he get that job?) all began because of the politics surrounding 360/MS support being withdrawn. Contracts were changed or pulled and FRD found themselves in a situation where middleware they'd almost finished the game with was suddenly unusable to them. Graphic and physics had then to be made engines for in house for either part or all of the games assets in those areas. Christ, the game looked better and ran smoother a year prior to release according to several sources I trust implicitly.

In short, even with the delays, the wonder is the game got out at all and not that it's a weak, which it is, though through less fault of FRD than you might have thought(writing and acting aside)at the time. Can't agree about the weak game mechanics, though, as the core shooting and nectar effects were spot on and you'd never expect anything bar great core shooting from Timesplitter people anyway-whatever else was wrong. Anyway, i think it disingenuous to call it out as a weak PS3 moment when it was a troubled game because of politics and not hardware shortfalls or dev laziness by and large. Still scope for a good game from the premise in my eyes too.

So, a 50% success and 50% lazy list and 100% non vital!!

We could just as simply have a Wii exclusive mess list, a 360 exclusive mess list, DS,PSP,IPhone/Pad/Pod or even PC. Lt's just pray we don't have to wade through them as well as this one for the millionth time. How many times can we say "Ooh Too Human!?" or "Ooooh Haze?!". Enough is enough when multiplats like CTYD or Turning Point or Blacksite still out crap any of the proper exclusive "abortions" on these lists. Legendary, Any of the Wii ports of the BIA series or REmakes sans motion controls-the list of tat well below the level of these supposed crimes against PS3 gaming are worth much more grief than the regular crap meted out to Too Human or Lair or Ninja Blade FFS.
mastiffchild  +   1668d ago
Oh, forgot Confrontation-a game I've only ever played POST trouble and while I still find it below SOCOM par/Zipper standards handing the reigns to Slant6 was always a risk and a big ask imho. Playing it these days there's plenty to enjoy, plenty to like and it's hardly worthy of a place on a list of leprosy causing games.

Even the venerable DJ ansd Incognito(now Lightbox) had a fair few issues with the amazing Warhawk at the early days-SOCOM:C made it through all that to become a solid if uninspired series entry and, as we all know, Socom is an acquired, pretty core taste in any case.
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RyuCloudStrife  +   1668d ago
has an Idea who's being quoted in the article o.0
vgchica  +   1668d ago
I think it's the article quoted. Are you slow? lol
RyuCloudStrife  +   1668d ago
WHO is being quoted do you comprehend? I just don't quote the air I quote someone who's speaking. In the article I don't know who's speaking because no one is being quoted!

EDIT: You just can't comprehend supreme thinking...
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blackblades  +   1668d ago
Haze was alright it would of been better someone else made the title.
Loner  +   1668d ago
Tommykrem  +   1668d ago
Don't agree with a single one of them.
HAZE was always good enough to exist.
LAIR is pretty good after patching.
Genji had a very nice demo on PSN, and featured some of the best graphics at release.
Socom isn' that bad.

Actually you're going to have to do pretty hard to make me wish the games didn't exist.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   1668d ago
Ditto to that: I liked Haze and loved Genji, regardless of camera that did somewhat ruin the gameplay. Critics misunderstood moronic dialogs in Haze as cheesy, but I think they were meant to show what kind of people it takes to believe in Mantel's reasons for war against the rebels. However, rebels dialogs did get repetitive nearing the end. It feels the development got funds cut, or it was rushed for whatever reason.
Raven_Nomad  +   1668d ago
Haze killed any and all chances for a Star Wars Battlefront 3 game, as they were in charge of making the game, then with the ultra poor reviews and sales for Haze, they closed down.

Pretty much all those games listed were huge fails, but none as much as Haze IMHO.
Masterchef2007  +   1668d ago
Wasnt Haze hyped to hell and back for being the game that would look better than crysis?
Raven_Nomad  +   1668d ago
It was hyped as the Halo Killer and the PS3's first "Killer App". It was really supposed to be a huge franchise for the PS3, instead it killed one of my favorite game franchises.
Chubear  +   1668d ago
wait, what?!!?lmao Oh how we just choose to pull BS out the air and spew it lol
What the hell are you talking about? You people are just so.. argh! lol

Haze was multiplatform and even in the early stages was rumoured to be 360 exclusive but then for some stupid reasoning went PS3 exclusive 5months before launch.

You don't remember so many 360fans routinely placing Haze on their list of games/exclusives for the 360 that they threw around constantly back then? It was never hyped as a "halo killer" with the PS3 fans. You're just pull sh*t out your arse.

Geez, this is why it's so easy for some console manufacturers to dupe you over and over again. Many have such short memory spans that it's like taking candy from a jar.

... and another thing; You know what's so funny about all the stuff I hear about Haze? Well, I got the game, it's a good shooter but very far from what we expected coming from such high pedigree developers but here's the thing - Haze, to me, played a lot like Halo in pacing and map layout. One just went pew pew pew while the other went ratatat ratatat. However one is view as the worst ever and the other God's gift by the exact same people. I find that very ironic hehe :P
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hellzsupernova  +   1668d ago
how did haze kill any chances of Star Wars BF3? it was developed by free radical, who became Cryteck UK.
Raven_Nomad  +   1668d ago
They lost all their tech, there is a whole story about how development was passed on to another company, who then closed down.

SWBF3 is now either not in production or is secretly in production by a totally different company.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   1668d ago
Haze didn't sell that bad, close to a million I think. Not for the full price though.
hellzsupernova  +   1668d ago
aw really. that sucks star wars BF3 is one of my most hoped for games! stupid haze! i never played it but saw screen shots and thought it looked alright.
bananlol  +   1668d ago
I dont get why haze always ends up on these kinda lists. A game is what it is regardless of hype.
guigsy  +   1668d ago
My god Genji was a travesty. I like samurai games but as the article says, it fails in almost every aspect of game design.

Haze wasn't actually that bad, at least it had co-op which was quite fun. It was massively over-hyped though.
ThanatosDMC  +   1668d ago
Is Eat Em Up exclusive? Anyway, that's one of the games i wasted money on this last few months.
RAmar101  +   1668d ago
I'm actually glad I have last rebllion in collection its unique and battle system is fun. Although its a hard game to recomend to others
RatherHavaBigGirl  +   1668d ago
uncharted 2 for me. i had to make myself finish that game. besides graphics and voice acting it did nothing outstanding for me. someone please tell me what uc2 does gameplay-wise that no other games do better? honestly man it was so cheesy. oh look drakes gonna fall, nope he finds a grip at the last second AGAIN. guns sound like garbage. halfassed cover system. generic combat overall. and the way drakes controls is so sloppy. infamous and AC has waaaay better controls imo. uc2 is pretty yet simple and(to me) boring as hell. i just dont see why this game is so hyped up honestly
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Kahvipannu  +   1668d ago
As I do agree it wasn't revolutionary, to me it was just so superbly excecuted. Everything was top notch in it, from visuals, artistic-style, pacing, voice acting, controls, etc. It was amazing rollercoaster ride, which I will take again happily. Tought I can see why it wasn't same for you, or to some others.

On topic; I haven't tryed any of those games, but is Last Rebellion really that bad? JRPGS sometimes get a bit harsh treatment. For example Lost Odyssey was bashed like hell, and it is imo one of the best JRPG out there. Also some here seem to disagree with the article about LR..
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strifeblade  +   1668d ago
i agree, uc 2 did not seem revolutionary to me, other than good graphics not amazing but good, and familiar gameplay.

side note god of war 3 is also overated in the graphics department, i thought GoW3 was really good but graphics are not droolworthy. Killzone has awesome fps graphics though, although no major improvements on the 3rd one
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bananlol  +   1668d ago
Graphics wasnt outstanding eh? Do you have a hd-tv? If yes you need to lower your expectations of console games.
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mastiffchild  +   1667d ago
Poor trolling Rather... Uncharted2 is just as revolutionary as 99% of games out there -which means not very revolutionary at all. Where it gains and beats out other games is in it's execution and in the way everything it attempts to do it does nigh on perfectly given the retrictions of PS3 hardware. It was GOTY on most sites lists that year for that reason.

Many games have tried and failed to become more than the sum of their parts and capture that summer blockbuster movie feel while U2 does it well and seemingly without much effort-though we all KNOW just how hard ND must have worked given the step up from the already good first game just 18 months earlier.

Whatever, to say a game THAT well respected deserves a place among the worst PS3 exclusives available is just silly-by any sane measure there are hundreds of worse games, and bags of PS3 exclusives inferior to not onyl U2 but also the first Uncharted.

Fact is it's equally revolutionary as Gears ever was(a series I love as much as Uncharted BTW even if i do prefer U2's MP for it's verticality and unexpected goodness!), as revolutionary as 99% of platformers and so on with TPS games too. IS SMG2 shit because it merely builds on the excellent
~SMG itself? Halo 3 an embarrassment to Xbox cos it doesn't reinvent the FPS OR the Halo franchise wholesale?

Few games are mould breaking and even fewer are mould breaking AND much cop-that is a hard, System shock way to greatness but it;'s equally fair to go for the Uncharted approach of knowing what your strengths are and building on those , adding a little from elsewhere(and a coupla new ideas) while making it all work PERFECTLY. It's not an easy task either-look at Capcom and the pigs ear they made updating the Resi4 template with the added Co-op for number five, yeah? So, no small task-and I simply don't agree with your control issues, the story and acting are way above video game average standards, script and characters are great and, as much as anything, it's paced perfectly-something most games with cinematic pretensions get horribly wrong(see MW2 for prime example of trying to keep action movie pace for the full length of a seven hour campaign-doesn't work).

U2 isn't my favourite game this gen, nopt even on PS3, but to pretend it's as bad as you are doing is bare faced trolling because even if it's not to your taste(which is a fine argument and one we can't argue over-your taste is your taste)you have to be fair and accept it's not, in any way fair to put it with the donkeys of this generation.

I hated Fallout3, for example, cos of the two, imho, borked shooting systems and because, to me, it lacked 90% of the first two games humour and atmosphere. I hated it-AS A FALLOUT game. However, I can still accept it isn't a bad game-it's a GOOD game but just not MY game or the Fallout I would have wanted them to make. On the samw way as I feel you have been OTT with your U2 moaning I would be as unfair saying FO3 was among the worst RPGs this gen.

That's why your comment seems trollish to me.
RatherHavaBigGirl  +   1667d ago

like i said. what does uc2 do gameplay-wise only that other games dont do better? i think uc2 gameplay is generic so that means im trolling? i never said the overall game was horrible but ill say it is generic in the gameplay department. dont put words in my mouth. as far as it being as revolutionary as gears, then answer this: why cant drake strafe while blind firing behind cover like in gears, a game from 2006? believe what you want but when you take away the shiny graphics and voice acting youre left with an generic action adventure game. i expected more from uc2. this is a forum and i stated my opinion of the game but to you thats moaning. youre moaning cause i dont like uc2. your comment is fanboyish
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strifeblade  +   1667d ago
relax man people are aloud to have an oppinion, at the end of the day its how the game makes you feel. If the game doesnt put a smile on your face its due to your preference. no doubt ND worked hard on the game but games are missing something these days and its uniqueness.

If we talk about pornstars, im sure they all work hard on their bodies, but lets be honest, while they maybe beautiful, we wont always praise the same ones. Everybody's got their cup of tea, you just have to learn to accept that.
im no ps3 fanboy, i like my 360 more but mgs4 is my fave game eva
mastiffchild  +   1667d ago
@Rather-I never put ANY words in your mouth and said it's fine if you don't find anything special about a game most people who played it did-that's why I pointed out my opinon of FO3 which many think is amazing, see? Same with Portal-I think it's a bit dull and too easy(and I'm not the greatest gamer in the world)while others love it to bits I think it's Valve's worst game-for my taste. Thing is I can still see these games are better than the slew of average cack that gets away with it because nobody cares about it.

My point with you was that by pointing out U2 you earmarked it, because of the article topic, as a game without the right to even exist. I just don't think, even if you feel it didn't live up to your expectations or the hype, that it's as bad a game as, say, Turning point, Chop Til You drop and so on-seriously, do you?

Just cos I find a game isn't the "one" fore me doesn't always mean I can honestly say it's pants but that's what you were saying about U2(which isn't my favourite game this gen either, btw, even if I do think it's good)-if you didn't mean that I apologise but the nature of the topic dictated I WOULD see it that way, no?

Also, was calling you out as a troll-I neither know you nor your history. I just felt you were in dangerous waters by calling out U as a game that, as the aticle was talking about-doesn't even deserve to exist. If ou think my comment is fanboyish then, again, that's your opinion(were this a discussion about you slating MGS then maybe you'd be right!)but to bracket the game with Gears seems to destroy that as a point.

Again, the article is about PS3 exclusives that don't DESERVE TO EXIST you brought up U2. If that isn't you saying it IS a horrible, travesty of a game then what is? It clearly isn't, even if you find it "generic" a game that bad now is it-hence why bring it up in these circumstances? THAT'S why I worried you might get seen as trolling but you chosse not to read what I said and miss the point entirely and want to trade insults-that's not why I replied in the first place but there you go. I jest felt you got close to the bone because of the sense you mentioned the game in-I felt a few people would take it the wrong way, that you possibly didn't mean it like that and wanted clarity-which n fairness you have offered me.

But, given all this would you still say U2 belongs in this thread at all? If I said the same thing about Halo in a topic about poor Xbox games I'm sure I'd get called out a lot more harshly than anything I said to you fella, no?

I wasn't being nasty and the only person who put words in your mouth was yourself. Thanks for the reply but I see no point arguing over U2's gameplay because if you find the mix generic you just clearly have different standards and opinions to myself-but since you understand it isn't a horrible game that's OK. OK? I just still don't think it belongs, like MS4 wouldn't, in the kind of list we're talking about and I doubt you do if you're honest and your reply points to this too.

I'll just go back to trying not to wear my Nate PJ's in public dude. Gots to hide that manlove and fanboyism a bit better I suppose. M God! Will ND forgive me for cheating on them with Gears and Cliffy when 3 comes out? the worries of fanboydom.
Silly gameAr  +   1668d ago
Kind of missed out on the early PS3 exclusives, but I can tell you Socom Confrontation has come a long way. I can play that game for hours and it has a pretty dedicated community.

Can't speak for the rest though.
#22 (Edited 1668d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Haseo106  +   1668d ago
SOCOM: Confrontation & Last Rebellion are good games.
NiteX  +   1668d ago
LOL I like Lair, Haze, and Genji. Genji 1 was one of the best action games on the PS2. Sadly I admit the second was a far cry from the first. I really really want them to do a third and make it as good as the first though. I just love samurais.
ivant  +   1668d ago

Remember that those idiots at Free Radical are now working for Crytek and did the Ps3 version of Crysis 2.
CobraKai  +   1668d ago
That explains the considerably sub-hd look of Crysis 2 on PS3
mastiffchild  +   1667d ago
Yeah, the same idiots who made the single greatest, most fun FPS experience EVER in the Timesplitters series. Just give them the [project for them and watch their cklass show-they were NEVER about GFX. NBEVER. Also Haze was killed by plitics and we don't know just how much PS3 code from Crysis2 is down to FRD or even how free their hands were in usng that PS3 cell architecture with parity the main goal for console versions-even from Crytek. Knocking FRD might seem easy and clever but it's not an open and shut case.

The mess behind Haze has never been fairly brought into the public domain bt from what we DO know it would seem FRD never had much chance-politics, again, tied their hands a great deal. Cannot forgive that acting or the script, mind.

Let them make something they .llove and want to make again(TS4 anyone?) would be amazing.
ivant  +   1667d ago
...and FR are idiots because they knew what made a good game yet they developed and released the tripe that is HAZE.

#25.2 (Edited 1667d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1668d ago
Wow, I remember tha Lair debate back in 2007, sigh, I thought the game was really good, solid story, solid graphics, and even thought the controls were decent. Yeah, hard to learn but worth it in my opinion. Till this day remains one of my favorite PS3 exclusives.
CobraKai  +   1668d ago
I played Lair before reading any reviews and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was surprised of the bad rap it got once I was done.

I dunno if this game counted as an exclusive considering it was released first on PSP, but Untold Legends was kinda bunk.
#27 (Edited 1668d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Trroy  +   1668d ago
Lair and SOCOM: Conf were both decent. They don't deserve the dishonor of being on that list. The others... well.. yeah they were pretty bad. I can think of plenty worse shooters than Haze, though.

LR is probably the easiest game to plat on the PS3, though... so I guess it has that goin' for it. Yes, its even easier than Terminator!
#28 (Edited 1668d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TheOneWhoPwnsYou  +   1668d ago
I'm a sony fan... and I agree with this list.
Lair was shit... admit it.
Haze was worse then swimming in an ocean of cum.
Last Rebellion was more of a fuck up then Charlie Sheen (right now)
SOCOM was just fucking stupid and Genji...
All I remember during my playthrough of Genji was GIANT ENEMY CRAB. HIT ITS WEAKPOINT FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE!!
JusenkyoGuide  +   1668d ago
i find it funny
that nobody has posted a "360's worst exclusives that we wish never existed article" yet. i think someone should because it's only fair. why only focus on the ps3? is it because people try to bring it down in some other way because they know that alot of the exclusives it has trashes most games this gen or what?
danthebios  +   1667d ago
I agree,i would rather buy it,play it and judge it for myself.These days you cant believe everything you read.
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