Too Human: Inside the Mythology

IGN posted a video of Too Human on October 4. The 7-minute behind-the-scene documentary is mostly about Baldr (the main character in Too Human) and the game developer Silicon Knights.

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Cherchez La Ghost4090d ago

Anybody have an estimate time this game will be out?

ShiftyLookingCow4090d ago

Not sure, I think they are targeting for Spring 2008. Maybe a demo by year end.

celticlonewolf4090d ago

This game is one of the reason I choose to get a 360 along with mass effect and bioshock. Before I get a new system it has to have atleast 3 exclusives that really look good to me so it makes my purches worth while in my eyes. The 3 that caught my eye for the ps3 are ratchet and clank, uncharted and heavenly sword(the last one kind of disapointed me as a buy after reading the length and reviews but was a really good rent). Good gaming