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"Lately, horror games have lost a lot of their “horror” aspect. Games are more action-oriented, which softens the pure scariness factor. Which, a game released over a year ago by developer Mike Inel, goes the opposite way. Can it compete against the big blockbuster games? The answer is: YES!"

By "iamradiox"

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Izowiuz2501d ago

Short but nice game. A little bit easy. Nonetheless the concept is very interesting. Give it a try, it's free ;]

ReservoirDog3162501d ago

Don't know why but the website to get the game is dead or something. Too bad. Seemed interesting.

itsactuallyadam2501d ago

id really like to download this but the website doesn't seem to be working, maybe its overloaded with visitors for the game :)

ROWD2500d ago

It's working for me.

xer02500d ago

Oh - so this is like Siren Bloodcurse... but less immersive - hence free :/